1.Board of Directors

E.SUN FHC operates under the principle of dignity and professionalism, and determines to become the role model in corporate governance.E.SUN FHC recognizes the importance and benefits of having a group of Board members of diverse background, which can enhance quality of performance of the Board. The company has developed the Rules for Election of Directors to achieve this goal, 5 reputable professionals and scholars has been elected as Independent Directors. In addition, four committees including Audit Committee, Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee, Remuneration Committee ,Board Strategy Development Committee and CSR Committee have been set up to enhance the function of the board. With the great effort being devoted in, E.SUN FHC aims to create the most value for all employees, shareholders, customer and the society.

1-1 Information of the Board

1-2 Information of the Audit committee

1-3 Information of Other functional committees

4-2 E.SUN FHC and subsidiariesInternal major information processing methods

4-3 Tax governance policy

4-4 Internal Audit Organization and Function

4-5 Statement of Internal Auditing System

4-6 Statement of the Total Balance of Transactions between E.SUN FHC and Related Counterparties as specified in paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Article 46 of the Financial Holding Act