Operating Environment

Natural Environment and Biodiversity Preservation

E.SUN supports the Convention on Biological Diversity, and promotes sustainable ecological development to fulfill the United Nation's sustainable development goals (SDG 13 Climate Action, SDG 14 Life Below Water, and SDG 15 Life on Land). E.SUN's sustainable ecological development strategy comprises of 3 focuses: species conservation, habitat conservation, and environmental sustainability. E.SUN believes that actions must start from within, and takes the initiative to respond to environmental engagement and employee environmental activities initiatives worldwide and nationwide. In 2022 we joined the Taskforce on Naturerelated Financial Disclosures (TNFD), further expanding our sustainable finance assessment to include nature and biodiversity topics, taking action for Taiwan's natural beauty and a more sustainable world.

■ 2022 Main Achievements

Species Conservation

  • 「Sea Turtle Conservation Project」– Nursed 46 turtles to health and released 10 back to the wild in total since project began.
  • 「Polar Bear Environmental Education Project」– 20 events held with over 2,200 participants since project began.
  • 「Formosan Black Bear Conservation Project」–73 events held over 11 consecutive years in partnership with Taipei Zoo.
  • 「Xinyi Township Millet Cultivation Revival Plan」– Started millet cultivation in Xinyi Township Heshe Plant Nursery(0.35 ha)and Tungpu daigaz(0.15 ha), helping restore 28 disappeared native species.

Habitat Conservation

  • 「E.SUN–NTU ESG Centenary Project」– Cultivated and planted 10,000 native-species trees trees in partnership with NTU.
  • 「E.SUN Maravi Rice Project」– Protecting biodiversity through promotion of organic farming and industry transformation, 340 tons of organic rice have been purchased since project began.
  • 「Plant a tree, Plant a life」– For four consecutive years, we have worked with the Forestry Bureau to promote the national forest and coastal forest planting project, and have planted 40,000 native tree seedlings.
  • 「Beautiful Taiwan, Smiling E.SUN」 environmental cleanup- 6,866 participants in total.
  • Adopting trails in Yushan National Park– Maintaining around 260 km of hiking trail facilities and cleanliness in the park.

Environmental Sustainability

  • 「Earth Hour」– We are the exclusive assisting organizer for "Earth Hour" that was started by The Society of Wilderness (SOW) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
  • 「World Car Free Day」– Encouraged customers to "Live Green" in response to global initiatives. E.SUN Easy Card Co-branded card holders took around 360 thousand YouBike trips monthly.
  • 「Summer Solstice Lights Out」– In response to the SOW's lights out event, we volunteered to turn off signage lights during summer, saving 444,980 kWh of electricity which is equivalent to 226.5 tons of carbon emissions.
  • 「Green Cycling Day」-A cycling event in collaboration with Discovery, with 1,000 people riding 24.8 km across two cities, saving 1.5 tons of emissions.

■ Formosan Black Bear Conservation Project

The Formosan black bear is Taiwan's sole native bear species. The preservation of this species in Taiwan not only means their survival, but also implies protecting the integrity of Taiwan's forest ecosystems and overall biodiversity. Since 2012, E.SUN FHC has been working with Taipei Zoo to promote a series of black bear conservation activities. In 2014 we launched the Black Bear Affinity Card and invited our customers to support the conservation of Taiwan's native species.

Issuance of Taiwan's first credit card combining conservation and environmental concept—the "Black Bear Affinity Card."

E.SUN Bank worked with Taipei Zoo to issue Taiwan's first CSR credit card that incorporated environmental conservation concepts—the "Black Bear Affinity Card". 0.2% of the transaction amount goes to an animal conservation fund when using this card. This fund has totaled NT$10 million in donations to Taipei Zoo, and has been used for black bear conservation, habitat protection, restoration of Taiwan's native species, and environmental education programs. Customers who use the "Black Bear Affinity Card" to make donations to Taipei Zoo, Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association, Animal Protection Association of the ROC, and Taiwan Environmental Information Association also receive triple bonus points.

The first animal conservation specialty branch in Taiwan "Black Bear Branch"

E.SUN Bank's Hualien Branch utilizes unique local features and dedicates its efforts to promoting animal conservation and biodiversity. Visitors will immediately see the black bear mascot when they walk into the branch's lobby, and the waiting area has an audiovisual section that plays a documentary of E.SUN caring for bears produced by Yushan National Park Administration. There is also a black bear knowledge corner that provides an abundance of information on the conservation of Formosan black bears. The ATMs are wrapped in adorable pictures of the bears, in hopes to raise awareness of animal conservation and knowledge in customers and local communities.

Promotion of Formosan black bear conservation education

For 11 years, E.SUN and Taipei Zoo have jointly promoted the conservation of Formosan Black Bears with 73 events held since. In 2022 we supported the "Night Safari in Taipei Zoo" event. Through activities such as Zookeeper Story time and BB Keeper's Talk, people were introduced to the habits and living environment of the Formosan black bear and given deeper knowledge on ecological conservation.


■ "E.SUN–NTU ESG Centenary Project"

In collaboration with NTU, we will plant native conifers such as the Taiwan Red Cypress, Formosan Hinoki, Cryptomerialike Taiwania, Taiwan Incense Cedar, and Formosan China-fir in the Yushan mountain range. 100,000 trees are expected to be planted within 10 years beginning in 2022, totaling 50 hectares in area. The forest is expected to absorb 242 thousand tons of Carbon Dioxide over the course of a century, equivalent to the annual absorption of 617 Daan Forest Parks. After growing and thinning, 25 thousand trees will be kept to grow over a century, laying the foundation for soil and water conservation, with carbon sequestration and circular economy benefits. In 2022, there are 11,611 trees which are native species were planted.

■ E.SUN Maravi Rice

E.SUN has been supporting the "E.SUN Maravi Rice project" for 9 consecutive years along with Yushan National Park, encouraging local farmers to adopt organic agriculture for sustainable food production and protect biodiversity. E.SUN acquired 340,000 kg of Maravi Rice in total and further found extremely rare native fish Aphyocypris Kikuchii in the paddies.

■ "Beautiful Taiwan, Smiling E.SUN" environmental clean-up activity

We have organized environment cleaning and beach cleanups under the "Smiling E.SUN" event for 13 consecutive years since 2010. In support of World Cleanup Day, we organized street cleaning around business locations and beach cleanups from April 27th to November 19th. We organized a total of 165 cleanups with a total of 6,866 volunteers, taking action to reduce plastic and waste and protect our beautiful homeland.

■ Adopting trails in Yushan National Park

We have adopted and maintained 260km of trails in Yushan National Park trail for 14 consecutive years. We use this opportunity to promote conservation and environmental education, and encourage E.SUN employees to participate and work together to protect the environment.

■ "Plant a tree, Plant a life" E.SUN plant trees project

In order to reduce habitat loss, E.SUN has been jointly promoting the "Plant a tree, Plant a life" for 4 consecutive years in collaboration with the Forestry Bureau. In 2022, the bank as well as coastal forests with a total area of 26.13 hectares. Planting 10,005 saplings of native tree species, including Formosan Ash, Blue Japanese Oak, Formosan Sweet Gum, Formosa Acacia, Red Nanmu, Mori Cleyera, and Taiwan Gordonia, totaling over 40,000 trees planted from 2019 to 2022. In March and October of 2022, E.SUN Management team led E.SUN volunteers to plant trees in national forest site in Keelung City and costal forest site in New Taipei City, putting in our effort for the environment and enriching local biodiversity.

"E.SUN Visa Signature", Taiwan's first charitable card with an emphasis on environmental awareness

In 2009, E.SUN Bank introduced the first charitable credit card with an emphasis on environmental awareness, the E.SUN Visa Signature card. We continue to invite cardholders to participate in the " Plant a tree, Plant a life " project, and feedback to this land through tree planting. We encourage Visa card members to apply for electronic bills or mobile bills, and donate 0.2% of each transaction amount for tree planting programs. We've planted 40,000 trees under this project.

Adopting Bus Stops to Communicate the Importance of Protecting Nature

We adopted Hutienqiao Bus Stop near the forestation site of " Plant a tree, Plant a life " project for 3 consecutive years. The unique design of green leaves and an adorable Formosan black bear symbolizes life and growth in nature, while also showing E.SUN's efforts to restore the Formosan black bear and plant trees for the planet. More importantly, we hope that the interesting design will allow parents and children who visit this place to check in and take photos and also cherish the natural environment!

Social Inclusion

Seeing E.SUN, Seeing Taiwan


72 participating countries, breaking through the pandemic and transcending borders with artistic communication

In everyone's heart, there is a Mt. Jade. What does Mt. Jade in your heart look like? Is it full of blooming azaleas, surrounded by clouds and seas, or is it as white as jade? As E.SUN turns 30, we cherish the land of Taiwan and organize the ' E.SUN Awards ' event, with categories such as 'General Public Group', 'Student Group', and 'Foreigner Group'. A total of 2,202 artworks were submitted, including 72 countries from five continents. After careful selection, 27 outstanding award-winning works were chosen for a touring exhibition. Through the creativity and brushwork of artists, we not only see the impressions of Mt. Jade in the eyes of Taiwanese and foreign artists, but also let this symbol of Taiwan's spirit reach new heights, breaking through the barriers of cross-border movement during the pandemic and bringing new hope to the post-pandemic world.

Encouraging cultural and artistic creation, promoting true beauty through finance

The Social Group's first prize went to Shian-Wen Hu's work 'Worship', which realistically portrays a young girl's aspirations, symbolizing her determination to reach the peak of her life despite hardships. The Student Group's first prize was awarded to Pin-Si Lin, a student at Tsinghua University, for her work ' You and the Beauty You Don't Even Know', which depicts the unique flora and fauna nurtured by Mt. Jade, such as Taiwan Alpine Rhododendron, Single- Seed Juniper, Formosan Sambar Deer, and Formosan Salamander, highlighting the protective image of Mt. Jade's abundant life force. Hai-Hui Wang from New Zealand, whose work 'TheTreasures of Yushan' uses a jewelry box filled with precious gems as its theme, with Mt. Jade being the precious jade treasure stored within, holding valuable history, memories, and wealth, won the Foreigner Group's first prize. Mt. Jade, the highest mountain in Taiwan, is fresh, magnificent, and most beautiful. In the E.SUN Awards' works,we see the beauty of Taiwan's land, infused with the artists' emotions, knowledge, and creativity. The diversity of Mt. Jade's natural landscape and the vitality of Taiwan's native flora and fauna are the focus of many works. E.SUN Bank has long been committed to art, culture, and music, striving to make Taiwan even better. Through the 'E.SUN Awards' event, we not only provide assistance and opportunities for artists' creations but also encourage artistic talents to continue moving forward. We also hope to raise awareness of the protection of natural ecosystems and the appreciation of Taiwan's rich natural resources through art, contributing to sustainable development and making the world a better place.


E.SUN Financial Holding Company responds to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the National Sustainable Development Committee of the Executive Yuan's 'Taiwan Sustainable Development Goals' by identifying, prioritizing, selecting appropriate goals, and initiating actions. E.SUN starts from corporate strategic direction and core business operations, identifying the highest relevance, including 'Quality Education' and other 8 items. Furthermore, according to the 'Taiwan Sustainable Development Goals', E.SUN discloses relevant results based on corresponding goals, supporting national sustainable development and actively practicing corporate social responsibility.

Key Response Targets Business Drive Stakeholder Engagement
4 Quality Education
Talent is a leading indicator and a key indicator. E.SUN believes that if a company wants to achieve sustainable operation and a country's future to be filled with competitiveness, the most important thing is talent cultivation. From rural primary schools, higher education, to corporate learning, E.SUN supported the improvement of education quality through practical actions. We launched the Golden Seed Project to build libraries for resource-poor primary schools, improving reading environments; through industry-academia cooperation, campus competitions, and cultivating outstanding talent scholarships, we support key talents in various fields in Taiwan, enriching the nation's intellectual capital; by combining the strength of top universities in Taiwan, we issue the E.SUN Academic Award, affirming professors' research achievements published in top academic journals, and cultivating more outstanding scholars and excellent students; organizing international master forums, introducing international top strategic, marketing, and management knowledge, and jointly stimulating innovative thinking with Taiwanese enterprises, finding new paths for growth and enhancing Taiwan's competitiveness. Since there were no large-scale library renovation projects for rural schools by private enterprises in Taiwan before this project, E.SUN did not have references to follow. However, the determination to create libraries for rural primary schools was so strong that we discussed with children's reading education experts, school teachers and principals, and design companies to create a suitable library structure for children. After the completion of the E.SUN Library, E.SUN continues to exchange opinions with schools, regularly visit the site for understanding, maintenance, repair, and renewal, allowing teachers and students to make better use of the library, and making every new library better in the future.
8 Create Decent Work and Economic Growth
Banking is not only a credit business for managing financial risks, a service business for meeting customer needs, but also an innovative business leading social development and a public business pursuing economic benefits. E.SUN actively develops financial technology, assists small and mediumsized enterprises in obtaining capital and transformation, and brings new momentum to economic growth. While pursuing external development, we also focus on internal stability. E.SUN values employee training and protection. We believe that employees are the most important assets of a company. With a comprehensive career blueprint and welfare system, we create a good working environment and hope to become a second home where employees are happy and united. E.SUN has long-term cooperation with government resources, vigorously promoting the 'SME Credit Guarantee Fund' guarantee financing business, and also working with government agencies to develop policies, assisting SMEs in obtaining crucial operating funds. In addition, E.SUN actively explores high-quality potential enterprises, through interviews, in-depth investigations, and sharing successful experiences, guiding enterprises to participate in national-level awards, improving the quality of enterprise operations, and assisting in growth transformation.
3 Health and Wellbeing Good health and well-being
Health is the foundation of happiness and the key to the sustainable operation of nations and enterprises. With the aging trend in Taiwan, the demand for medical resources is growing, and medical personnel are beginning to face a shortage of manpower. E.SUN not only donates medical supplies and initiates blood donation activities but also collaborates with academic institutions to cultivate the nursing talents needed by society, enhancing Taiwan's social health care capacity. At the same time, E.SUN also leverages its experience in developing financial technology to assist hospitals in digital transformation and provide customer service courses, making it easier for the public to access highquality medical services and resources. On the other hand, E.SUN regularly cooperates with hospitals to hold free medical consultation activities and home medical services, helping more patients with mobility difficulties or living in remote areas to receive proper medical care and maintain a healthy life. E.SUN continues to invest in the health and medical fields, combining more cross-border forces, hoping to create a healthier and better society together. In the home dental care service project, E.SUN cooperates with the National Association of Dentists of the Republic of China, actively communicates with dentists, and assists in providing resources needed for remote consultation, home medical services, etc. At the same time, through remote schools and patient feedback, more volunteer manpower is mobilized, and suitable equipment is donated to help dentists go deep into remote areas, improve mobile medical capabilities, and allow remote residents to receive better oral care and health.

Academic Education

Item Content Achievement
English Hand-in-Hand Project Since the project's launch in 2019, starting from resource-poor Jiayi County and Yunlin County, we have invited English teachers to provide after-school guidance in rural primary schools. To further expand teaching capacity, we collaborated with the Taiwan International Talent Development Association in 2022, adopting the concept of 'home tutoring for rural children,' allowing college students to accompany children in learning English and jointly striving to create a better English learning environment.
  • In 2022, more college students joined the teaching team, serving areas in Keelung City and New Taipei City.
  • A total of 163 classes have been set up, benefiting 2,734 rural students in learning English with an open heart.
E.SUN Golden Seed Project Since 2007, combining the efforts of E.SUN, its employees, and clients, we have donated a portion of the annual fees from E.SUN World Cards and domestic card transaction amounts to establish E.SUN libraries in rural or resource-poor areas, continuously sowing the seeds of knowledge.
  • In 2022, 6 new E.SUN libraries were added, providing better reading environments for children and residents in rural areas.
  • Over 200,000 World Card holders have participated, completing a total of 173 E.SUN libraries, donating 450,000 books, 108 book sterilization machines, and benefiting over 115,000 children.
E.SUN Academic Award To encourage top-notch academic research and promote domestic management research and international connections, the E.SUN Academic Award was established in 2010, rewarding professors who have published papers in the TOP3 international leading journals in different management fields.
  • In collaboration with National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, and 11 other benchmark universities' business schools, the E.SUN Academic Award has been established, with a total of 68 teachers receiving the award.
Climb a Story Mountain Reading Promotion Project Since 2019, to cultivate more reading promoters who enjoy storytelling, the 'Climb a Story Mountain' reading promotion project has been launched, including publishing 'Taiwan Original Picture Book Stories', organizing 'Storytelling Volunteer Training Courses', 'Story Travel Box Workshops', and 'Storytelling Reading Promotion Services - Visiting E.SUN Libraries'.
  • In 2022, 2 new Taiwan original picture book stories were published, with 2,000 copies printed, and the first 13 episodes of the Podcast 'Travel with Stories' were recorded.
  • Cumulatively published 18 original Taiwanese picture books, printed 16,000 copies, held 217 storytelling workshops, picture book travel box workshops, and reading activities, benefiting 6,890 participants.
Picture book creation workshop Since 2017, E.SUN has encouraged students to create picture books, promoting the continuation of picture book education. E.SUN supports the National Public Information Library's 'Dream Picture Book Database', collecting student-created picture books and organizing 'Picture Book Creation Workshops' to inspire and facilitate communication.
  • In 2022, 85 new original picture books were collected, with 320 teachers and the public participating in the picture book creation workshops.
  • Cumulatively collected 1,323 original picture books, with 750 teachers and the public participating in the picture book creation workshops.
Kehua Online Digital Reading Research Competition To cultivate students' digital reading, collaborative learning, and research skills, E.SUN has supported the Taiwan Reading Culture Foundation's 'Kehua Online Digital Reading Research Competition' since 2020, encouraging students from grades 4 to 9 in public and private schools across Taiwan to participate and achieve self-directed learning goals.
  • In 2022, 651 student teams from elementary and junior high schools across Taiwan participated, with 2,368 students registering.
  • Cumulatively, 1,732 student teams from elementary and junior high schools across Taiwan participated, with 6,288 students registering.
E.SUN Artificial Intelligence Open Challenge E.SUN is committed to financial technology innovation and has been organizing the AI Talent Competition since 2019, attracting outstanding talents interested in the AI field. Through continuous competitions and exchange platforms, more AI talents are cultivated in Taiwan. This year's competition theme is 'Suspicious or Not? - Predicting Suspicious Money Laundering Transactions', aiming to accurately identify suspicious transactions through the application of artificial intelligence technology and professional experience, contributing to a well-regulated and healthy financial environment in Taiwan.
  • In the 2022 Winter Competition, 684 teams with a total of 1,250 participants have registered.
  • By the end of 2022, a total of 8 AI Open Challenges have been held, attracting 6,327 teams and over 10,000 participants.

Sustainable Operating Environment


As disasters caused by climate change sweep across the globe, controlling temperature rise has become an important international issue. E.SUN's Environmental Sustainability Group, under the Sustainable Development Committee, establishes specific goals, methods, and plans for environmental protection and energy conservation, regularly reports and reviews progress with senior executives, and actively promotes energy-saving and carbon reduction measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy use. Internally, E.SUN Environmental and Energy Saving White Paper - E.SUN Green Policy is issued and enforced, covering areas such as environmental and energy-saving policies, promotion of environmental education, establishment of an environmental and energy-saving culture, and implementation of environmental and energy-saving measures. Externally, E.SUN sets targets for carbon reduction, water reduction, and waste reduction in line with annual DJSI, CDP, and other international projects, and verifies achievements through annual third-party audits.

■ Sustainable Operating Environment Targets:


■ Carbon reduction measures

Outstanding Achievement 1: E.SUN Bank is the first financial institution in Taiwan to receive the LEED V4.1 O+M Platinum certification

LEED is an international green building certification system established by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), consisting of 7 assessment categories including energy and atmospher, water efficiency, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, location and transportation, sustainable sites, and design innovation. Each updated version poses even higher challenges.
E.SUN Bank's Nanzi and Linyuan branches have been in operation for over 15 years, and while maintaining stable growth, also have emphasized environmental sustainability. By using energy-efficient LED lighting, air conditioning equipment, and water-saving fixtures, the branches have improved their energy and resource usage efficiency. Additionally, we have installed solar power facilities on banch's rooftops and used renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, the branches have employed good spatial design with natural ventilation to maintain indoor air quality, providing a comfortable and healthy office environment for their employees. Implementing maintenance and management systems for energy, equipment, and waste, which meet LEED standards and surpass international average levels, successfully obtaining the highest level of LEED V4.1 O+M Platinum certification for Taiwan's financial industry.
Achieving this high-standard international green building certification is not only an honor but also a responsibility. In the future, E.SUN Bank will continue to improve its operational energy efficiency and build more low-carbon and environmentally friendly structures, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development.

Outstanding Achievement 2: Implementing the energy management system (EMS)

E.SUN Bank actively responds to the Taiwan government's "Net Zero Emissions Roadmap" set for 2022, aiming to achieve net-zero emissions in collaboration with the government by 2050. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), improving energy efficiency is a cost-effective and visible approach to carbon reduction for businesses. To implement energy management, it is crucial to understand various energy usage scenarios and data, which can help enterprises select the right strategies and develop energy management plans. By using energy data models, businesses can optimize their energy allocation and improve strategies to enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. In 2022, E.SUN Bank introduced an energy management monitoring system to track and record usage, solar power generation, renewable energy supply, and utility usage for its major energy-consuming equipment such as lighting, air conditioning, and power outlets. The data is transmitted via the internet to a cloud-based database, and various management reports are generated to formulate energy usage strategies and efficiency improvement plans, thus fulfilling the requirements for a net-zero carbon branch. Through the integration of EMS, E.SUN bank can better understand key areas for carbon reduction, minimize energy waste, and increase the proportion of renewable energy usage, moving closer to achieving its carbon reduction goals and a sustainable, net-zero future.

Outstanding Achievement 3: Officially joining the RE100 membership

E.SUN Bank actively supports net-zero emissions and promotes the use of renewable energy. In 2022, E.SUN Bank became the first Taiwanese financial institution to join the RE100 as a "low-energy consumption enterprise" alongside over 300 leading global companies committed to using 100% renewable energy. E.SUN Bank's participation in the RE100 is a significant milestone towards achieving net-zero emissions. In the future, E.SUN Bank will continue to leverage its financial resources to promote the decarbonization of the energy system and contribute to global climate goals. Faced with the challenges and pressures of achieving net-zero emissions, using clean energy is a global trend. E.SUN Bank has pledged to use 100% renewable energy at domestic branches by 2030, increasing renewable energy consumption by 10% annually to reach this target. Not only generate renewable energy through solar power facilities, but also actively engages electricity suppliers to plan renewable energy purchases. By analyzing energy consumption patterns and discussing suitable power generation methods and locations for E.SUN Bank with external energy suppliers, we planned to sign electricity purchase agreements to secure its renewable energy supply. After nearly two years of effort and verification by Taiwan Power Company, the Energy Bureau, local governments, and the Inspection Bureau, E.SUN Bank completed the first renewable energy wheeling in December 2021.
In 2022, E.SUN Bank continued to expand its renewable energy usage, signing new contracts for renewable energy supply in February and November. To date, E.SUN Bank has signed four renewable energy contracts, generating approximately 10.85 million kWh of renewable energy annually, which accounts for 24% of E.SUN Bank's annual energy consumption. E.SUN bank has used 6.54 million KWh of renewable energy in 2022, making it a leader in Taiwan's financial industry.
E.SUN Bank actively creates a sustainable operating environment through green buildings, solar-powered branches, and renewable energy purchases, showcasing our determination to use 100% renewable energy by 2030 and strive towards becoming a net-zero emissions bank by 2050. Looking ahead, E.SUN Bank will continue to excel in comprehensive performance, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable development, integrating its core financial business with ESG and supporting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. By leveraging the influence of the financial industry, E.SUN Bank will collaborate with the government, enterprises, and individuals to create a sustainable and prosperous future.


2019-2022 GHG Emissions

2019 2020 2021 2022
Scope 1 (t-CO2e) 2,455 2,399 1,857 1,844
Scope 2 (t-CO2e) 22,443 22,299 22,105 20,294
Total emissions (t-CO2e) 24,898 24,698 23,962 22,138
Carbon emissions / revenue (t-CO2e/ NT$M) 0.4566 0.4390 0.4139 0.4039

2019 - 2022 Energy Consumption

2019 2020 2021 2022
Power consumption (MWh) 42,498 44,177 44,767 47,922
Other energy usage (GJ) 25,333 27,124 17,290 25,323
Total energy usage (GJ) 178,326 186,159 182,408 197,845
Energy/revenue (GJ/million NTD) 3.271 3.310 3.151 3.502

Note: The energy types are mainly purchased electricity (non-renewable energy) for operational activities, with petroleum, diesel, liquefied natural gas and gas as other energy sources.

■ Water Usage Reduction


2019-2022 Water usage

2019 2020 2021 2022
Water (Tons) 244,804 264,917 238,715 248,326
Usage of water/ revenue (Tons / NT$M) 4.4900 4.7097 4.1231 4.5310

Note: The activation of two office builings of the second headquarters in 2022 resulted in an increase in water consumption


■ Waste Usage Reduction

Outstanding Achievements: Promoting environmental reuse

E.SUN's primary source of waste is domestic garbage. To implement the 3R measures of reducing, reusing, and recycling, active waste management is carried out, and waste disposal records are kept. Resource recovery starts at the source, with centralized sorting, organizing, and disposal, as well as regular tracking systems, to effectively implement waste management. Waste sorting areas are set up at each site and are divided into three categories based on municipal regulations: domestic waste, recyclable waste, and kitchen waste. Container and cardboard recycling areas are also established, increasing resource recycling efficiency and reducing the need for waste disposal. Employees are encouraged to participate actively in recycling efforts. Monthly waste disposal weight reports are submitted to the management, with regular records and analysis conducted. Tracking is carried out for any anomalies in the data. Furthermore, waste disposal processes of the various buildings are audited at least once a year and inspection records are retained to ensure the legitimacy of the final waste destination.
E.SUN Financial was the first bank in Taiwan to respond to the Taipei City Government's policy of banning single-use and melamine dinnerware. By transforming its headquarters and the Second Headquarters Building's employee cafeterias into green dining areas, E.SUN has eliminated about 60,000 disposable containers and replaced them with environmentally friendly dinnerware, reducing waste by 16,320 kilograms. This not only protects employee health but also reduces waste, conserves the environment, and promotes healthy, eco-friendly dining habits. In 2020, plastic restrictions were extended to building entrances and employee cafeterias, with electronic posters providing information on reducing plastic bag usage. All events are now required to use reusable cups. Environmental protection is a global issue, and E.SUN is committed to reducing waste-related environmental harm by promoting eco-friendly practices throughout society. With the "one love leads to more love" mindset, the bank leverages its influence to contribute to a sustainable future.


2019~2022 Waste generation

2019 2020 2021 2022
Waste disposed (tons) 434.705 370.345 488.215 489.426
Recycled / reused (tons) 185.054 224.164 209.542 202.788
Total waste (tons) 619.759 594.509 697.757 692.214
Waste / revenue (kg/ NT$ million) 7.97 6.58 8.43 8.93

Note: The activation of two office builings of the second headquarters in 2022 resulted in an increase in waste consumption.