Brand Story

In the spirit of Taiwan’s highest mountain, E.SUN endeavors to become Taiwan's best-performing and most respected bank. Just as Mount Jade is the most beautiful peak in Taiwan, E.SUN aims to be the favorite bank of customers.

Under the leadership of the founder Mr. Yung-Jen Huang, a group of like-minded financial professionals embarked on a mission to "build the best bank” by incorporating E.SUN in 1992. It was named after the highest mountain in Taiwan, Mount Jade. E.SUN set up a professional management team to establish a banker's bank, and is committed to being the best bank in Taiwan.

E.SUN Financial Holding Company (E.SUN FHC) was established in 2002, marking a new era for E.SUN. Its subsidiaries E.SUN Commercial Bank, E.SUN Securities, and E.SUN Venture Capital provide comprehensive financial services ranging across banking, securities brokerage, insurance and venture capital.

Our Core Values

The virtue of jade, the steadfastness of a mountain.

We offer warm and attentive services with sincerity, and have become customers’ first choice in financial services.
We serve with unwavering commitment the pursuit of business with integrity and high quality, bringing our clients greater benefits and values.


“E.SUN believes that great vision will bring great energy and success.”

The First Vision, a Benchmark for the Financial and Service Industry

E.SUN insists on integrity, prudent management, and professionalism. Since 1992, E.SUN has raised standards for the financial and service industries in Taiwan through its professional management, superior service, outstanding quality, prudent corporate governance, excellent risk management, and unceasing dedication to its corporate social responsibilities.

The Second Vision, to be an Excellent Corporate Citizen of the World

E.SUN believes that "An act of love can inspire others to love." At E.SUN, we strive to become citizens of the world. We don’t only focus on business management; we also participate in environmental protection, social welfare, financial innovation, and the promotion of art and culture. We are convinced that only by fulfilling our social responsibilities can we truly be excellent corporate citizens.

The Third Vision, to Become a World-class Outstanding Enterprise

E.SUN is dedicated to developing its business in Taiwan and Asia. Its achievements in creating a comprehensive financial services platform in Asia are widely recognized by international institutions and customers. E.SUN operates 28 outlets across nine countries or regions, including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Australia and the U.S. E.SUN’s goal is to become a regional bank in Asia that distinguishes itself through excellence.

Business Philosophy

“E.SUN fulfills its commitment to this philosophy by cultivating professional banking talent and offering its customers the highest quality of service.”

Expertise - Professional Team

In 1992, when the regulations in Taiwan were loosened to allow new banks from the private sector to be established, E.SUN was the only new bank that was not affiliated with any financial group or the government. E.SUN’s foundations were built by a team of outstanding banking professionals, thus creating a true "banker's bank."

Service - Heartwarming Customer Service

At E.SUN, we believe heartwarming service always begins with a smile. Additionally, we listen to customers’ needs and strive to exceed their expectations, hence giving customers an unparalleled banking experience. We hope to serve customers with impressive service and win their loyalty. The ultimate goal is to make E.SUN the leading financial brand in Taiwan.

Business – Sustainable Development

E.SUN engages in its stakeholders in a variety of ways. For employees, E.SUN focuses on cultivating professional talent and building a happy team. For customers, E.SUN provides outstanding quality services to bring more value for customers. For shareholders, E.SUN continues to create outstanding overall performance through the bank's integrity and professionalism. For society, E.SUN makes positive impacts to the community and environment, and moves towards sustainable development.