Code of Conduct and Ethics

Regulations, Guidelines and Commitment

  • "Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles" and "Ethical Procedures and Code of Conduct"
  • "Code of Ethical Conduct of Directors"
  • "E.Sun Employee Service Code of Conduct and Behavior Standards"
  • "E.SUN's Commitment to Anti-corruption, Anti-bribery, and Anti-competitive Behavior"
  • "the Treating Customers Fairly Policies and Strategies"
  • "the Regulations Governing the Concurrent Serving Management for Responsible Persons"


  • E.SUN directors, managers, employees, nominees, and other entities with substantive control
  • Suppliers

Evaluation Mechanism and Relevant Practices

  • Risk evaluation mechanism for unethical behaviors is established. Preventive measures and relevant management mechanisms are included in the procedures of selfassessment on legal compliance. Regular analyses are conducted to review the adequacy and effectiveness of the preventive mechanisms.
  • Effective management and implementation is achieved through self-assessment and self-evaluation for compliance. In addition, high-risk units are selected for the legal compliance test on important management issues with the aim of improving and adjusting the legal compliance mechanism.
  • The audit unit performs independent risk-oriented audits to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the organization as a whole. All units work together to manage and prevent unethical behavior.
  • E.SUN also links employee performance with remuneration and includes ethical management in the performance assessment and human resource policies with a clear and effective disciplinary system in place.
  • All E.SUN directors and executive managers have signed the statement of ethical corporate management; All E.SUN employees have signed the "E.SUN Employee Service Code of Conduct and Behavior Standards."
  • The Company will assess the legitimacy of counterparties and acquire a full understanding of their ethical management practices and compliance with the corporate social responsibility policy before starting a business with suppliers. Contracts always contain explicit provisions on ethical management and corporate social responsibility. Corruption and bribery are handled with zero tolerance. E.SUN promises that its business activities around the globe are free from any form of corruption and bribery.

■ Ethical Management Violations

E.SUN did not engage in any corruption & bribery fraud, insider trading, anticompetitive, antitrust, or antimonopoly behavior, or market manipulation in 2021. Likewise, no suit or penalty was leveled against the Company. Meanwhile, all business supervisory units and overseas outlets were told to take a hard look at the Code of Ethics for Salespeople among other key compliance issues for the year. Next, the Company's Compliance Division went on to conduct inspection and evaluation with a view to effectively enforcing risk management and reducing corruption risks.

■ Whistleblowing System and Whistleblower Protection

To establish a corporate culture of trust and transparency and promote sound business, the Company has adopted the Regulations for Handling Whistleblower Reports also applicable to subsidiaries, juristic persons where the Company's cumulative donations, direct or indirect, have exceeded 50% of their capital, and other affiliates or organizations over which the Company has substantive control.The procedure specifies the time frame for receiving and investigating cases and establishes the dedicated handling unit and independent investigation units. Whistleblowing hotlines, email addresses, and mailboxes have been set up and announced on the corporate internal and official websites. These channels are available to any employee or outsider wishing to report cases. Whistleblowers' identities are kept confidential. It is also prohibited to impose unfavorable human resource measures on employees who report cases. Anonymous reporting is also enabled to actively prevent unethical, corrupt or illegal conduct.

Of the 49 whistleblower reports handled in 2021, 3 cases are internal breaches, the rest cases are consumer disputes or non-banking matters. While these reports were immediately presented to the Compliance Division, the President appointed an appropriate department to conduct investigation. Investigation results were then submitted to the President, with the whistleblower's identity kept confidential and the departmental supervisor of the accused also given notice.