E.Sun FHC has issued 170 million units of GDR with amount of $100 USD in September 2004. The issuance was more than 400% oversubscribed in 2 hours at a 3.75% discount rate, which was the lowest discount rate at that period of time and was lower than market average. It was another successful overseas funding initiative following E.Sun’s ECB priced at 24% premium in 2003 and also represented high acclamation from international investors to E.Sun FHC.

Pricing Date 2004.09.27
Initial Units Issued 6,800,000
Initial Shares Issued 170,000,000
1GDR 25 Common shares
Depositary Bank
  • Citibank, N.A. Citibank Citibank, New York
  • Website:
  • Toll-free number: +1 888 250 3985
Custodian Bank
  • Citibank, N.A. Taipei Citibank, Taipei
  • Phone: +886 2 2576 6070

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