Sustainable Development Committee

E.SUN established the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee in 2011, and renamed it to Sustainable Development Committee in January 2021. The committee serves as the company's dedicated unit for sustainable development, led by the chairman, and composed of board members (including 2 independent directors). The committee consists of 6 working groups focusing on corporate governance, sustainable finance, climate change, environmental sustainability, human rights protection, and social welfare. The working group members come from various departments of the subsidiary companies, effectively integrating resources and implementing sustainable strategies across all departments. The committee reports on ESG strategy and implementation results to the board at least twice a year. In 2022, 5 out of 7 board meetings included ESG topics on the agenda (71% of the total meetings), including: (1) Sustainable development blueprint and implementation status; (2) Specific plans for sustainable development; (3) Sustainable policies and regulations; (4) Greenhouse gas inventory and verification schedule; (5) Identification of 2022 material issues; (6) 2022 Sustainable implementation report. The board of directors asked questions or made suggestions on the aforementioned proposals at the meeting.After full discussion, the directors also inspected and supervised the implementation of the plan from the perspective of various implementation progress, and urged the management team to make adjustments in due course.

Sustainable Development Committee Operation Method

2022 Work Plan and Implementation Results

2022 Annual Work Plan 2022 Implementation Results
1. Governance: In accordance with the FSC's 'Sustainable Development Blueprint' 2022-2024 key measures, continuously refine legal compliance, information security protection, and anti-money laundering prevention. Ranked in top 5% in Corporate Governance Evaluation the 7th time; strengthened the role and function of the board in the three lines of defense; promotinglegal compliance management system projects; expansion of the scope of international certification for banks and securities, obtaining BSI 10012 2017 Personal Information Management System Certification.
2. Social: Focus on talent cultivation, friendly working environment, treating customers fairly, and inclusive finance. Promoting academic, social care, sports development, and humanities and arts. Employees' average training hours 57.38 hours; Cooperating with Taiwan Institue For Sustainable Energy (TAISE) to launch the 'Sustainable Finance Management Certification Class'; establishing the 'E.SUN Bank Fair Treatment of Customers Principles Education and Training Program', achieving 92% satisfaction rate among all channels and overall NPS of 60%; promoting academic education, cumulatively establishing 173 E.SUN libraries; promoting arts, holding the 'Eternal Love Concert' at the National Concert Hall.
3. Environmental: Deepening climate change management and actions based on the TCFD framework, creating a sustainable operating environment, deepen carbon reduction efforts, and promote sustainable financial services. Issuing the first 'Climate and Environmental Report'; Establishing climate change risk management policies for financial holding companies and banks; passed the SBTi's target review in March 2022; joining RE100 in July 2022, committing to 100% renewable electricity use for domestic and overseas sites by 2040; expanding the ESG engagement project, with a total of 133 participating enterprises; green loans and sustainable-linked loans reached NT$94.3 billion, providing ESG consultation services to more than 100 enterprises.

2023 Annual Work Plan

  • Corporate Governance:
    In accordance with Corporate Governance 3.0, the 'Sustainable Development Blueprint' and the 'Green Finance Action Plan', strengthening management of governance, asset security, antimoney laundering, and fair treatment of customers.
  • Sustainable Finance:
    Follow the national 2050 carbon neutrality strategy, promoting responsible lending and investment, responsible product issuance with positive impact, and assists enterprises in low-carbon transformation. Leverage the power of technology, and collaborates with partners to promote inclusive finance.
  • Climate Change:
    Continuously deepening climate governance in accordance with TCFD, adjusting investment and business strategies in line with SBT carbon reduction targets, and assisting industries in transitioning towards decarbonization.
  • Environmental Sustainability:
    Adhering to SBT and RE100 targets, implementing Scope 1 and 2 energy-saving and carbon reduction measures. Promoting biodiversity through systematic approaches and initiating biodiversity conservation actions.
  • Human Rights Protection:
    Creating an equal, diverse, friendly, and safe workplace environment. Focusing on strategic talent development and employee sustainable transformation.
  • Social Welfare:
    Continuously promoting academic education, social participation, sports development, and cultural arts as four major focusing areas.
Unit Responsibilities
Corporate Governance
  • Board Secretariat
  • Operation Administration Department (shareholder service),General Administration Division
  • Compliance Division
  • Risk Management Division
Incorporate domestic and foreign corporate governance trends, investigate and plan suitable corporate governance system, promote the functionality of the Board of Directors, enhance the company's information disclosure and transparency, strengthen communication with stakeholders, implement legal compliance, and pay attention to shareholders' interests.
Sustainable finance
  • Operation Administration Department (customer service), General Administration Division
  • Business Administration Department(retail banking, credit card, wealth management, digital banking, and corporate banking), General Administration Division
  • Information Management Division
We seek to protect customer rights and interests and treat customers fairly while actively developing sustainable financial businesses, including sustainable lending, sustainable investment, sustainable products, and inclusive finance, exerting our financial influence to engage even more stakeholders.
Climate change
  • Risk Management Division
  • Operation Administration Department(management),General Administration Division
  • Business Administration Department (retail banking and corporate banking), General Administration Division
  • Investment management Department, General Administration Division
By identifying and assessing the risks and opportunities of climate change, we assist in the internal development of relevant quantitative and qualitative methods and indicators as we further develop relevant management measures and strive to mitigate or adjust the impact of climate change.
Environmental sustainability
  • Operation Administration Department (management), General Administration Division
  • Business Administration Department (retail banking and corporate banking), General Administration Division
  • Investment management Department, General Administration Division
  • Financial management Department, General Administration Division
Aim to achieve environmental sustainability and sustainable development, investigate and develop a model that suitably integrates public concerns and financial core competencies, promote green finance, environmental protection, energy conservation and carbon reduction, ecological sustainability, and animal conservation, and utilize our impact as a corporate citizen.
Human rights protection
  • Operation Administration Department(human resource and management), General Administration Division
  • Human Resource Division, E.SUN Bank
  • Operation Administration Department, E.SUN Securities
By establishing human rights due diligence plans and raising the human rights awareness of employees and business partners, we fulfill our commitment and responsibility to human rights, and we fully adhere to labor laws to ensure the Company's compliance with international human rights principles. We provide effective education and training for employees, and offer an organization that facilitates career development.
Social welfare
  • Operation Administration Department (management), General Administration Division
Infuse corporate social responsibilities into the company's business strategy, investigate and develop a model that suitably integrates public concerns and financial core competencies, unite E.SUN volunteers, employees, customers, and business partners to support the same causes, invest in academic education, social engagement, sports development, art and culture, and emergency aid, and lead by example to build a better world together.