Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

E.SUN Financial Holding Co., Ltd. and subsidiaries hereby declare that, pursuant to the "Financial Holding Company Act", "Regulations Governing Joint-Marketing by Financial Holding Companies and their Subsidiaries", "Personal Data Protection Act" and other relevant laws and regulations the collection, processing and use of your personal information by it and its subsidiaries which apply such information inter-changeably are subject to strict confidentiality measures. E.SUN Financial Holding Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries further declare their fulfillment of confidential information on customers in the following manner:

  1. 1.Methods of gathering information

    E.SUN will gather your personal information through services offered to you as a customer of E.SUN Financial Holding Company or any of its subsidiaries, or through other public means, government disclosures, or sources legally provided by third parties. E.SUN will not disclose your non-public information to any third party except with your consent or when obligated to do so by law.

  2. 2.Methods of information storage and custody

    E.SUN shall maintain your personal information in strict confidentiality within the databases of E.SUN Financial Holding Company and its subsidiaries, and engage a highly secured, stable and tightly-managed service provider if necessary to hold custody of your personal information. All access and usage of your personal information will be limited only to authorized personnel and confined within the extent of their authority. Personnel or entities without the authority to access or use your personal information shall not have any form of access to your personal information through the management system.

  3. 3.Information security and protection methods

    E.SUN has adopted the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) mechanism to encrypt data transmissions, and installed firewalls to block illegal intrusions in order to guard your personal information against illegal access. Additional, passwords can be anywhere from 4 to 16 digits, and are encrypted to ensure that your password will not be stolen. Our company uses the best technology to ensure the security of your personal information.

  4. 4.Information classification, scope of use & items

    The company uses and classifies your personal information in accordance with the "Financial Holding Company Act", "Rules Concerning Cross-Selling by Financial Holding Company Subsidiaries" and other related rules and regulations approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission. E.SUN Financial Holding Company and its subsidiaries shall process operation-related affairs within the legal scope of attorney or disclose to a third party with your instruction or consent. Other than that, we shall not disclose, lease, sell, or repost your personal information to any unauthorized third parties. Your information will be classified as follows, but the company may add or reduce the number of categories and information content depending on the nature of its business activities:

    1. 1.Basic information: Includes the customer's name, date of birth, ID card number, telephone number, address, e-mail etc.

    2. 2.Account information: Includes account number or other numbers of similar purpose, credit card numbers, deposit numbers, transaction numbers, deposit, loan and transaction details, your financial summary etc.

    3. 3.Credit information: Includes returned check records, annulment records, blacklisting records, and performance of your business.

    4. 4.Investment information: Includes the assets you have invested or sold, and the amount and timing of your transactions.

    5. 5.Insurance information: Includes the type of policies you have insured, the tenor, the sum insured, payment method, claims history, and whether your insurance requests have been previously rejected.

    Subsidiaries of E.SUN Financial Holding Company will only disclose, refer or cross-utilize your personal information during cross-selling campaigns only when it is in accordance with regulations and within the scope of your signed contract or written instructions.

  5. 5.Purpose of information usage

    E.SUN’s joint marketing efforts with subsidiaries have been aimed to provide you with more complete, diverse and privileged products/services, and we will disclose and share your transaction history and other information with subsidiaries only to the extent compliant with laws or agreed by you in writing. E.SUN can assure you that your information will be soundly protected and managed.

  6. 6.Recipients of information disclosure

    Your personal information may be disclosed, referred and used among E.SUN Financial Holding Company, its subsidiaries, and third parties only to the extent compliant with laws or agreed by you in writing. However, when instructed by court or the authority, E.SUN Financial Holding Company and its subsidiaries will be obligated to disclose customers' personal information to the extent requested.

    ※Existing subsidiaries of E.SUN Financial Holding Company currently include:

    • E.SUN Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.
    • E.SUN Securities Co., Ltd.
    • E.SUN Ventures Ltd.
  7. 7.Methods of customer information change

    Should you require a change of personal information, you may inform E.SUN Financial Holding Company or through the various branches of its subsidiaries. Once E.SUN have confirmed and updated your information, we may continue to offer you with our comprehensive range of products and services.

  8. 8.Methods of withdrawal from cross selling program by customers

    You may, at any time, stop your personal information from being used for cross selling by notifying E.SUN Financial Holding Company as well as service centers of subsidiary branches in writing, or using other means in line with the operating rules of the company. The company's subsidiaries will tend to your instructions immediately.

  9. 9.Use of Internet tracking tools

    When you visit or use our website or mobile application (app), our website and app will record your visit or track your usage. This is for purposes such as to provide you with better customized services, to facilitate your participation in customized interactive activities and to enable the Bank to manage the use of the bank's website (including but not limited to analyzing the number of visitors, website traffic, user distribution, interest in products/services, online activity behavior, and modes of use), improve the service quality of the bank's website, provide customized information or advertisements that meet your needs or interests, and track their effectiveness. Some of the data and visitors' personalized settings will be recorded, accessed and gathered by the bank itself or through partners (such as Google Analytics) using cookies or other similar technological tools. Online behavior data include the information generated from online behavior when you visit the Bank’s website, other websites or social media platforms (whether connected with this website or not) (including but not limited to your IP address, cookie ID and cookie contents, unique identification codes, domain names, device information, usage time, browser type, language settings, geographic location, operating system, server record, webpage search/browse/click record, modes of use, and information or labels and other similar data obtained by partner companies in their own name by analyzing and collating the above-mentioned data). However, all visitor data are anonymous, and do not involve personal contact information. Nonetheless, please be reminded that when you visit or browse other websites and social platforms, the website may collect your data, and you will be bound by the privacy protection policies of these other websites. If you wish to discontinue the use of cookies or other similar technology tools, you can do so at any time by changing the settings of your browser, installation program, or device. If you choose to deny cookies or other similar technology tools, you might not be able to use some customized services of our website or app, or participate in some online activities.

    The Bank will never sell, exchange, lease or disclose in any way your personal profile to other groups or individuals. However, under the following circumstances, and in compliance with laws and regulations, the bank will provide your personal profile collected on the bank’s website to a third party: when it is with your prior consent or authorization; when required by judicial units, financial regulators or other competent authorities through legal and formal procedures; in order to provide you with services or special offers, when we need to share your data with a third party providing the services or special offers, the Bank will provide a full explanation and notice during the promotion, and you may freely choose whether to accept the services or special offers; and other situations as expressly stipulated by laws and regulations.

  10. 10.Others

    This declaration of confidentiality has been valid since January 28, 2002. However, in order to accommodate the ever-changing environment, regulations and technologies, the company shall reserve the right to amend this declaration whenever deemed necessary for the purpose of offering better protections over customers' information. Any amendments made shall be notified to customers as soon as possible by publishing onto the web sites of E.SUN Financial Holding Company and subsidiaries. Any future additions or changes to the list of subsidiaries shall be disclosed on the websites of E.SUN Financial Holding Company and its subsidiaries.