Letter from the Chairman & President

The flywheel of E.SUN's growth has begun to turn

E.SUN turns 30 years old in 2022.
The founder named E.SUN after the highest mountain in Taiwan in 1992 with the goal of establishing the best bank under the three visions: "E.SUN of Taiwan, E.SUN of the world" "An Exemplar for the Financial Industry A Benchmark for the Service Industry," and "E.SUN employees strive to be first-class citizens of the world; E.SUN endeavors to become a first-rate global corporate citizen." After 30 years, E.SUN achieved excellent performance in tangible and intangible indicators for overall performance, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable development. We have achieved steady asset growth, rapid increase in market cap, and continued to generate record high profits, creating great value for employees, shareholders, and this land. We are adopting international practices in ESG and sustainable development, and became the first financial institution in Taiwan included in DJSI in 2014. This is the 8th consecutive year E.SUN was selected into the DJSI and ranked in the top 10 worldwide in the past 5 years, both setting new records.

With one eye on the present and one eye on the future. E.SUN is fully aware that the recognition it is receiving today is based on its choices and efforts in the past, and our decisions and actions today will be the start of an even brighter future. Hence, as we enter the fourth decade, E.SUN will continue to focus on the three strategies "Expanding domestic and overseas operations, leading FinTech developments, and strengthening the three lines of defense" with the mission of "ESG and sustainable development," developing towards the goal of "the Highest Mountain; the Best Bank."

We are on the right path

As the pandemic rages on and geopolitical disputes become even more severe, people are gradually becoming aware that global risks concern every single people. The frequent occurrence of extreme weather events around the world has made everyone aware that if climate actions fail, no amount of EPS or assets will have any meaning. Hence, achieving the goal of "zero carbon" has become the most important mission of this era.

In 2021, ESG issues became the center of attention and the United Nations formed the Glasgow Climate Pact in COP26, the European Union formally announced the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), and Taiwan's government set the goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. The goal of sustainable development does not only involve actions by companies and individuals, but has gradually been transformed into proctical actions and path under international consensus, government policy, and market mechanisms, transitioning from a moral call to institutional support.

CSOP of the Sustainable Development Blueprint

However, the path to sustainable development is not a matter for specific individuals, nor is it a challenge for any generation, but an issue that all of mankind must squarely face. In February 2021, E.SUN collaborated with 32 outstanding enterprises in Taiwan to openly support ESG sustainability actions, ringing the bell of hope for Taiwan's environment and future. "E.SUN not only holds itself to a high standard, but also contributes to the well-being of all." E.SUN pools the wisdom of companies with the same values, and links sustainable financial products and services to provide ESG consulting services, allowing the power of capital to have a greater positive impact.

Moreover, E.SUN has planned its pursuit of ESG and sustainable development into an executable sustainable development blueprint for four major aspects of business management CSOP: Culture, Strategy, Organization, People.

When E.SUN is formulating strategies each year, departments will report business strategies for the coming year. Departments propose potential ways for combining their business with ESG in the report, making sustainable development an important consideration when strategies are being formulated. This year, departments proposed systematic, procedural SBTs to achieve E.SUN's milestones for net zero emissions by 2050. The scope of carbon reduction does not only cover E.SUN's operations, but also includes key investment and lending positions of the financial industry, making E.SUN Taiwan's 1st and Asia's 2nd financial institution to receive approval from the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) for its SBTs.

In response to the needs for developing sustainable finance, E.SUN FHC was the first in Taiwan's financial industry to establish the position of Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), and appointed President Magi Chen as the CSO. Furthermore, the 6 task forces under the Sustainable Development Committee of E.SUN FHC's Board of Directors carry out various tasks, and organize departments to help customers formulate carbon reduction plans and provide complete ESG financial solutions through green loans, responsible investment and issuance, and underwriting for sustainable development bonds.

E.SUN cultivates talent with sustainability concepts, and members of E.SUN take courses on ESG financial practices in each stage of their career, from joining E.SUN, becoming a mid-level supervisor, to managerial officer training. Sustainable finance talent today need to have financial expertise as the basis, and also need ESG values for sustainability concepts to lead E.SUN forward and become internalized into the corporate culture.

30th Anniversary of E.SUN, Sustainable Future

In the words of Alfred Nobel: "To spread knowledge is to spread happiness." E.SUN is a learning organization and has invited 9 internationally renowned management experts to forums starting in 2012. E.SUN invited Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great and Turning Your Business into an Enduring Great Company and one of the most influential management experts in the world, to give a speech in 2022, during which he proposed the blueprint for companies to achieve sustainable excellence. A company with a soul needs to have a noble vision, and incorporate its core values into goals and a mission to create a positive impact on stakeholders.

30th Anniversary of E.SUN, Sustainable Future. E.SUN had three visions when it was founded 30 years ago, and it allowed E.SUN to set out on a different path towards a brilliant future through the hands of generations of E.SUN members, laying the foundation for E.SUN to grow for a hundred years. We will continue to incorporate ESG into our core business, in order to create a better future for society, the environment, and this land. It is like spring with almond blossoms for a future full of hope.