Be the most distinctive and benchmark bank in Asia


  • E.SUN Bank once again won the National Quality Award. Including the individual award for the founder of E.SUN, Mr. Yung-Jen Huang, 5 awards have set the record for the best performance among Taiwanese companies.
  • E.SUN continues to expand its overseas presence in Asia, establishing a representative office in Kuala Lumpur and a sub-branch in Kumamoto, and investing TB 1.5 billion in Thai Credit Bank. Currently, E.SUN Bank has 33 operating sites in 11 countries and regions.
  • E.SUN Bank received the “World’s Best Banks in Taiwan” for 4 years in a row by Forbes.
  • E.SUN Bank issued Taiwan’s first sustainable development bonds, incorporating biodiversity indicators into the investment plan for bond fundraising.


  • E.SUN’s management team inherited and passed on leadership responsibilities.
  • E.SUN hosted the “E.SUN ESG Sustainability Initiative” for the 3rd consecutive year, inviting President Tsai, over 150 leading companies, and sustainability consultancy firms to respond to global sustainable development.
  • E.SUN Bank opened its second branch in Japan, the Fukuoka Branch, and held the “Japan-Taiwan Friendship Concert” at Acros Fukuoka Symphony Hall, contributing to cultural exchange between Japan and Taiwan.
  • Chairman Joseph Huang led the team to participate in the United Nations Climate Conference (COP) in person for the 2nd consecutive year. COP28 was held in Dubai, and the chairman also delivered speeches and engaged in cross-border exchanges at the World Climate Summit (WCS).
  • Included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) Emerging Markets for the 10th time and World Indices for the 8th time.
  • Pioneered the establishment of the “Technology Advisory Committee” in the financial industry, recruiting external experts to embrace the new era of digital technology.
  • E.SUN FHC ranked 1st for the 2nd consecutive year in the “CommonWealth Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” and won the 1st annual “CommonWealth Talent Sustainability Award” in the large enterprise category for the financial industry.
  • E.SUN has been cultivating sustainability talents and gained recognition. It has won the “Best Companies to Work for in Asia Award” from HR Asia for 3 consecutive years and the “Best Human Resources Development Award” from the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance.
  • E.SUN received the “Best Wealth Management Bank” award from “Business Today” and The Asset magazine for the 5th time and was recognized as “Best Private Bank in Taiwan” for the 1st time by The Banker.
  • E.SUN received the highest honor at the 5th National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award.


  • E.SUN Bank's credit rating by Standard & Poor's (S&P) has been upgraded from "A- / Positive" to "A / Stable," acknowledging E.SUN's long-term development and influence.
  • E.SUN Bank's "Bangkok Representative Office" in Thailand and "Ho Chi Minh City Representative Office" in Vietnam have opened.
  • E.SUN Bank has been granted permission to operate Wealth Management 2.0, further deepening its engagement with high net wealth clients.
  • For two consecutive years, E.SUN Bank has hosted the "E.SUN ESG Sustainability Initiative" inviting President Tsai Ing-Wen and over 100 leading enterprises to respond to sustainable development.
  • Chairman of E.SUN Bank, Joseph Huang personally led a team to participate in COP27, held in Egypt and the World Climate Summit (WCS), promoting international alignment.
  • E.SUN Financial Holding has officially become a member of RE100, the first financial industry entity in Taiwan to be approved for membership as a low-energy consumption company.
  • E.SUN Financial Holding has received target approval from the SBT, making it the first financial industry entity in Taiwan and the second in Asia to complete target validation.
  • E.SUN Bank collaborates with National Taiwan University to promote the "E.SUN NTU ESG Centennial Project."
  • Listed in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for the 9 consecutive years, ranking among the top 1% of global banking industries.
  • E.SUN Financial Holding is honored with the highest AAA rating by MSCI ESG Ratings.
  • .SUN Financial Holding receives the 1st place award in the "CommonWealth Magazine Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award" in the large enterprise category.


  • E.SUN Financial Holding's total assets surpassed NT$3 trillion, ranking among the top 20 listed companies in Taiwan by market capitalization, with a 17.6% annual growth.
  • E.SUN Bank was honored with the highest recognition at the IDC "2021 Future Enterprise Awards," showcasing the effectiveness of its digital transformation.
  • E.SUN, along with 32 like-minded corporate partners, jointly initiated the " E.SUN ESG Sustainability Initiative." Vice President Lai delivered a speech and participating companies signed the "Sustainable Development Advocacy Pledge.”
  • E.SUN Financial Holding received the 1st place award in the financial industry category for the 14th time in the "CommonWealth Magazine Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award."
  • E.SUN Financial Holding was selected by Sustainalytics as the top diversified bank in Asia and second in the world.
  • E.SUN Bank was awarded the highest honor in the "National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award."

Greeting - A wonderful future for E.SUN


  • E.SUN Bank’s new core banking system commenced operations after 4 years of development and implementation. It is the first core system in Taiwan developed and designed in-house.
  • The digital banking brand “e.Fingo” was launched. The integrated digital products and services under the e.Fingo membership program will create excellent customer experience.
  • E.SUN FHC set the record as the only financial institution in Taiwan to be listed in Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the 7th consecutive year.
  • E.SUN Bank received The Most Valuable Banking Brand in Taiwan for two years in a row and AA brand rating by The Banker.
  • E.SUN FHC was ranked 1st in the financial industry in the Commonwealth Corporate Citizen Awards for the 13th consecutive year.


  • E.SUN FHC set the record as the only one financial institution in Taiwan to be listed in "DJSI Emerging Markets" for 6 consecutive years, and was included in “DJSI World” for 4 times. In DJSI World, E.SUN FHC ranks 3rd in Banks Industry Group worldwide and 1st in Asia Pacific.
  • E.SUN FHC is the only financial institution in Taiwan that received AA in MSCI ESG Ratings for the 3rd consecutive year.
  • E.SUN Bank receives long-term credit rating upgrades to A- from S&P and to twAA+ from Taiwan Rating. E.SUN Bank receives A-category rating in both Moody’s and S&P after upgrading.
  • E.SUN FHC establishes “E.SUN AI and FinTech R&D Center” to develop AI and FinTech applications with National Taiwan University, which leads Taiwan to the new era of Fintech by research integration of academy and industry.


  • Moody's upgrades E.SUN Bank ratings to A2 and E.SUN FHC ratings to A3.
  • E.SUN China Guangzhou branch opened and Brisbane branch in Australia opened.
  • E.SUN Bank was awarded the “National Quality Award” for 4 times, including our Founder Mr. Yung Ren Huang’s award.


  • The Asian Banker gave the awards of Best Bank and Best CEO in the Asia Pacific region respectively to E.SUN Commercial Bank and its President Joseph N. C. Huang. This also marks the first time that these awards were received by a Taiwanese bank and Taiwanese CEO.
  • E.SUN Bank Tokyo Branch commenced operation, creating a complete Asian financial platform.
  • E.SUN China subsidiary moved into the Excellence Qianhai Yihao building, a move that demonstrates E.SUN's determination for long-term management in China.


  • E.SUN Bank awarded Best Bank in Taiwan by three international financial magazines — The Banker, Asiamoney and The Asset, recognizing its long-time dedication to sustainable development and sound business.
  • Yangon Branch in Myanmar opened, the only Taiwanese bank established in Myanmar.
  • E.SUN China subsidiary and Shenzhen branch opened, the first Taiwanese bank in Southern China.
  • Sydney branch in Australia opened.


  • E.SUN FHC was awarded the “Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award” for a 7th time, making it 1st in the financial industry.
  • E.SUN FHC set the record as the only one financial institution in Taiwan to be chosen both in "DJSI-World" and "DJSI-Emerging Markets".
  • Dong Nai branch opened, Vietnam.
  • Changan subbranch opened, Dongguan, China.


  • Founder and Chairman Yung Ren Huang was awarded the new “Special Contribution Award” of the “Taiwan Banking and Finance Best Practice Awards”.
  • E.SUN FHC was chosen as constituent stock of the DJSI, and is the first and only financial industry firm in Taiwan to receive this honor.
  • E.SUN Bank was awarded the “Golden Service Award” for four consecutive year, making it the 1st in the financial & banking industry.


  • Invested and held 70% equity share of United Cambodia Bank.
  • Representative office in Yangon, Myanmar opened.


  • Successful purchase and assumption of Chiayi 4th Credit Cooperative. Domestic service locations increased by four to a total of 136.
  • Dongguan branch opened, China.
  • Singapore branch opened.

Launching - A new era for E.SUN


  • Successful purchase and assumption of Zhunan Credit Cooperative. Domestic service locations increased ten and totaled 132, E.SUN became top 3 among private banks.


  • E.SUN Bank was again awarded the “National Quality Award”.


  • Representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam opened.


  • E.SUN achieved a milestone by receiving 6 awards at the “Taiwan Banking and Finance Best Practice Awards”.


  • Successful purchase and assumption of Kaohsiung Business Bank. (KBB) Domestic service locations reached 116.


  • Establishment of E.SUN Investment Consulting.
  • Establishment of E.SUN Insurance Brokers.
  • Establishment of E.SUN Volunteer Foundation.


  • Founder and Chairman Yung Ren Huang was awarded the “National Quality Award”.
  • Establishment of E.SUN Venture Capital.
  • Hong Kong branch opened.
  • Establishment of E.SUN FHC.

Consolidating - E.SUN's banking infrastructure


  • E. SUN Bank was awarded the “National Quality Award”.


  • Establishment of E.SUN Securities.
  • First overseas branch opened in Los Angeles.


  • Establishment of E.SUN Cultural and Educational Foundation.


  • Establishment of E.SUN Bank.