Stakeholder Engagement

E.SUN understands issues that stakeholders are concerned about through diverse communication channels, and formulates management policies and implementation plans on this basis, in order to respond to stakeholders' needs and expectations. Task forces of the Sustainable Development Committee summarize and report issues of concern to stakeholders, communication, and implementation to the Board of Directors each year.

Meeting objectives Communication frequency / mode Communication Performance
Talent and innovation are the most im-portant keys to the core competitiveness of an enterprise structure. Continuous and good communication helps to improve employee motivation and company recognition.
  • Daily:Morning meetings
  • Weekly, Monthly:Video conferences, work week reports, legal compliance announcements
  • Quarterly:Enterprise labor meetings
  • Annual:Employee opinion exchange questionnaires
  • Annual:Knowledge sharing seminars
  • Irregular:e-HR E.SUN Human Park platform, e-learning+ digital learning platform, various opinion response mailboxes, such as the Learning Sister mailbox, HR Manager mailbox, etc.
  • Irregular:Two-way communication, EIP website
  • Irregular:Professional training courses and development classes
  • Contact Information:Human Resources Department
    Hotline: (02) 2175-1313 #8701
  • 5 Employee Communication Meetings
  • 356 Employee Opinion Communication Cases Handled
  • 6,951 Employee Opinion Exchange Questionnaires
Focus Issues Focus Content E.SUN's Response
  • Talent Attraction and Retention
  • Talent Cultivation and Development
  • Employee Care and Friendly Working Environmen
Establish clearer and fairer evaluation standards, and provide specific feedback to colleagues during daily work and when announcing evaluation results.
  • The evaluation standards are composed of business performance and behavioral performance, based on the annual OKR of the unit or regional team performance goals, combined with individual job responsibilities, and discussed with the supervisor to set personal annual goals for each item.
  • We will discuss with various business management units to gradually improve the evaluation indicators according to the group and subgroup.
  • The essence of performance management is real-time and specific feedback and guidance. Unit/direct supervisors should arrange performance interviews with colleagues during regular daily and year-end evaluations, providing accurate feedback and specific suggestions.

Meeting objectives Communication frequency / mode Communication Performance
Understand market trends and motivations, improve personal service, create tangible and intangible value for customers, and continuously strengthen E.SUN's competitiveness
  • Daily:E.SUN e-customer service (24-hour customer service hotline, intelligent text customer service, online telephone, website visitor message board)
  • Daily:Customer opinion complaint hotline and customer opinion QR code, E.SUN i mobile financial customer inquiry
  • Weekly:Customer satisfaction survey, Line official account, Facebook E.SUN Lucky Cat fan group, E.SUN digital life, health fan group
  • Every 2 months:Smile E.SUN bimonthly magazine
  • Quarterly:Sunrise E.SUN quarterly magazine
  • Twice a year:Corporate customer satisfaction survey
  • Irregular:Personal visits, telephone contact
  • Contact method:E.SUN customer service center 24-hour service hotline
    (02)2182-1313 / 0800-30-1313
  • 1,860 customer service center customer suggestions
  • 57,996 official website visitor message board messages
  • 62,220 customer satisfaction survey questionnaires
  • 9,037 customer opinion QR codes
  • A total of 525 corporate customer satisfaction questionnaires were issued
Focus Issues Focus Content E.SUN's Response
  • Customer experience and fair treatment
  • Financial technology and innovation
  • Inclusive finance
  • Information Security and Personal Data Protection
  • Green finance
  • Employee service quality, professionalism, and efficiency
  • Internet banking / mobile banking functionality completeness and ease of use
  • Epidemic relief loans
  • Transaction security and fraud prevention
  • Sustainable development trends, corporate response directions, and sustainable financial services
  • Continuously improve service quality through customer service management system and combine internal and external education and training courses to cultivate employee expertise.
  • Continuously update digital channel services, improve operational stability, and plan relevant functions based on customer feedback to meet customer expectations.
  • Offer 3-6 months of extension and relief assistance to customers affected by the epidemic who have difficulty repaying loans.
  • Form a cross-departmental antifraud team to regularly exchange information on new types of fraud and quickly respond to changes in methods.
  • Conduct practical ESG exchanges with corporate customers through internal specialized teams, provide suggestions for carbon reduction transformation, or plan appropriate sustainable financial services according to customer needs.

Shareholders / Investors
Meeting objectives Communication frequency / mode Communication Performance
Assist in understanding E.SUN's performance and strategic direction, strengthen their confidence in E.SUN, and be willing to support
  • Monthly:Announce operating performance
  • Monthly:Open information observation station
  • Quarterly:Chinese and English legal person briefings, quarterly financial reports
  • Quarterly:Board of Directors, functional committees
  • Annual:Shareholders' meeting
  • Annual:Annual report, sustainability report
  • Irregular:Visits and teleconferences, announce credit ratings and outlooks
  • Irregular:Domestic and foreign roadshows, domestic and foreign investment institutions research meetings, investment forums, material information announcements
  • Contact method:Investor Relations
  • Chinese and English legal briefings: 8 sessions
  • Participation in investment forums or roadshows: 8 sessions
  • Investor and analyst meetings: 149 sessions
Focus Issues Focus Content E.SUN's Response
  • Honest management
  • Risk management
  • Green finance
  • Corporate culture led by professional managers, employee cohesion, and establishment
  • Traditional interest rate, market, credit risk management, and emerging risk factor strategies
  • Net zero transformation and responsible financial development
  • Implement the three pillars of E.SUN's long-term development
  • Expose the management framework of various risk issues and report regularly to the board of directors
  • Actively follow international ESG sustainability standards and practices, and promote through financial products, services, and customer consultation

Government agencies
Meeting objectives Communication frequency / mode Communication Performance
Understand the latest trends and dynamics of regulatory supervision, support government policies and Taiwan's sustainable development
  • Annual:Government agency evaluation
  • Irregular:Policy research meetings, seminars, public hearings
  • Irregular:Official documents, meetings, phone calls, emails, and public information
  • Irregular:Financial inspections, special project meetings
  • Respond promptly to inquiries from supervisory authorities
  • Proactively participate in relevant meetings and courses
Focus Issues Focus Content E.SUN's Response
  • Green finance
  • Climate change response
  • Inclusive finance
  • Customer experience and fair treatment
  • Actively respond to global sustainable development actions and national carbon emission reduction targets
  • Evaluate whether the developed trust products can become a stabilizing force for society
  • Establish equal, mutually beneficial, and trustworthy principles to protect the rights of financial consumers
  • E.SUN establishes a sustainable development office and a sustainable development office, with six working groups: corporate governance, sustainable finance, climate change, environmental sustainability, human rights protection, and social welfare. Through resource integration, sustainable strategies are implemented in each subsidiary unit.
  • Cultivate a team of 100 'Senior Financial Planning Consultants' and launch several innovative trust services, including the '1+1 Trust Combination' that combines employee stock trust and annuity trust; second, annuity trust digital services. Third, launch 'Trust Value-added Services' in cooperation with different industries, such as nutrition and food advice, home safety inspection, and health checkups.
  • The board of directors is highly involved in establishing a corporate culture that values consumer protection and has established a fair treatment principle promotion committee, chaired by the general manager, with independent directors participating in guidance and supervision. The committee has established a consumer protection group and a customer service group, responsible for implementing fair treatment of customers and strengthening the overall operation of the three defense lines from regulations, systems, and service aspects.

Meeting objectives Communication frequency / mode Communication Performance
Strengthen E.SUN's communication with the public through media channels, gather the latest topics and trends in society and internationally
  • Monthly:Publish preliminary performance
  • Semi-annual:Hold a press conference on operational performance
  • Immediate:Full-time units and special personnel responsible for the media communication
  • Immediate:Domestic and foreign press releases and statement
  • Irregular:Media interviews, press conferences, and crisis management
  • Irregular:Media forum/seminar, media evaluation, questionnaire response
  • Irregular:Official website news release
  • Contact:Public Relations
    Tel: (02)2175-1313#1335,8190
  • Held 34 media events
  • Real-time communication of important information reached 2,961 people
  • Issued 128 Chinese and English press releases
  • Released 143 media communication messages on website
Focus Issues Focus Content E.SUN's Response
  • Corporate governance
  • Honest management
  • Compliance
  • Grasp the trends of the overall business environment, and formulate forwardlooking business strategies
  • Implement honest management, integrate internal and external resources for business
  • E.SUN is named after the highest mountain in Taiwan and is determined to become the best bank and the most respected company. E.SUN has chosen to take a different path and has created many milestones for Taiwan's financial industry in the past 30 years.
  • 2022 is the beginning of E.SUN's fourth decade. The flywheel of E.SUN is accelerating. Taiwan's E.SUN will become Asia's E.SUN in the next 10 years, and move towards to an enduring company, and realizes the vision of "the highest mountain and the best bank".

(public welfare, environmental protection, and industryacademic cooperation)
Meeting objectives Communication frequency / mode Communication Performance
Join hands with various sectors to create a shared, harmonious new living circle, making Taiwan a better place
  • Weekly:Close community environmental cleaning, local financial community service
  • Annual:Organize public welfare activities, support art exhibitions, music performances, sports events, academic education, ecological conservation, etc.
  • Irregular:Cross-industry cooperation and visits, art lectures
  • Contact information:E.SUN Volunteer Foundation
    (02)2175-1313 #9300
    E.SUN Cultural and Educational Foundation
    (02)2175-1313 ext.9305
  • 173,346 beneficiaries
  • Over 829 cooperative public welfare activity units
Focus Issues Focus Content E.SUN's Response
  • Social impact
  • Financial inclusiveness
  • Diversity, equality, and harmony
  • Public welfare activities resource investment
  • Environmental protection issues
  • Sustainable finance practices
  • Children's reading, rural English education, and American education
  • Energy-saving and carbon reduction:
  • Actively respond to summer solstice light-off activities, Earth Hour, Beautiful Taiwan Smile E.SUN, beach and mountain cleaning activities
  • Public welfare activities:
  • Charity sales, blood donation activities, overseas medical services, medical equipment donations
  • Organizing domestic and international art exhibitions and performances, supporting sports events, cultivating outstanding talents through scholarship programs, E.SUN Academic Awards
  • Organizing financial management lectures, promoting E.SUN Library storytelling, anti-drug advocacy tours, and rural English education

Meeting objectives Communication frequency / mode Communication Performance
Suppliers are partners in E.SUN's sustainable development and growth. Through procurement actions, suppliers are influenced to expand the green product market and implement responsible consumption and production, achieving energy-saving, carbon reduction, and operational cost reduction effects, and promoting sustainable business concepts.
  • Weekly:Pricing meetings
  • Bi-monthly:E-mails
  • Irregular:Website public information, supplier visits, supplier conferences
  • Over 450 pricing meetings
  • Bi-monthly:171 supplier self-assessment exchanges
  • Irregular: 46 supplier visits, green procurement and social innovation service product mechanism exchanges through supplier conferences
Focus Issues Focus Content E.SUN's Response
  • Social impact
  • Financial inclusiveness
  • Diversity, equality, and harmony
  • The Philippines has begun to focus on carbon emission issues, so the greenhouse gas inventory is being reviewed.
  • Chien Lung is the bank's ATM maintenance contractor, mainly responsible for the realtime monitoring system of transportation methods and communication networks. Information security is of utmost importance, so relevant certifications will be introduced to keep up with international standards.
  • The art gallery on both sides pays attention to the connection between art and ESG, and uses internal regulations to exert restraint and emphasize the reuse of exhibition materials.
During the process of obtaining certifications from suppliers, we continuously pay attention and exchange information with suppliers regarding relevant requirements and new knowledge.