Human Rights Protection

To realize the vision of becoming first-class citizens of the world, the Human Rights Protection Team of E.SUN Sustainable Development Committee holds meetings periodically and has formulated E.SUN human rights policies with due reference to laws and regulations and human rights development trends. Every year, the bank reviews the E.SUN Declaration of Human Rights and E.SUN FHC Human Rights Due Diligence Investigation Procedures regularly, and works with all partners to continuously strengthen and improve the management of issues related to human rights, in order to make a contribution to international human rights.

■ Human rights due diligence procedure

■ Impact identifification

E.SUN Value chain New business relations Other activity
Supplier / partner Customer
Groups exposed to human rights risks Employee, Female, Indigenous people, People with physical disabilities, Non- employeeworker Female, Indigenous people, People with physical disabilities, Children, Dispatched labor, Non-employeeworker Customers in minority groups Female, Indigenous people, People with physical disabilities, Children, Dispatched labor Communities
Potential human rights risks Diversity and inclusion, Gender equality, Workplace violence, Overtime work, Occupational safety, Privacy Labor rights, Occupational safety, Child labor Service quality and customer equity, Personal information protection, ESG review on corporate customers Labor rights, Occupational safety

Note: Non-employeeworkers are those other than E.SUN's employees, including interns, temporary workers, and contractors' employees. Non-employee workers totaled 2,771 people in 2021, which did not differ significantly from the level last year.

■ Human rights risk matrix

We established a human rights risk matrix for employees, suppliers, and customers. The mitigation and remediation actions please refer to Appendix 8 - Human Resource Management Indicators.