Talent retention

E.SUN carefully selects a group of like-minded partners. The bank actively invests resources in recruiting outstanding and potential talents, and is committed to"making E.SUN the second home for employees"by providing a competitive salary and welfare system that meets the needs of colleagues, so as to attract and retain the most suitable talents to build a hopeful future together.

■ Recruiting a Diverse Pool of Professionals

Talents are both a leading indicator and a key indicator. Countries, industries and enterprises all need outstanding talents to generate momentum for innovation and progress. E.SUN has been deeply committed to nurturing Taiwan's financial, technological and cross-border professionals, and has actively invested in industry-academia cooperation in recent years.

Item Description Effectiveness
Internship programs Provide students aspiring to work in the financial industry with internship programs during each semester and summer/winter vacations to help them establish the right work attitude and improve their adaptability and competitiveness. In recent years, to accelerate the development of innovative financial technology products and services, through the recruitment of talents of diverse backgrounds, students from related disciplines such as business management, information science and technology, law, and foreign languages have been called on to participate in Internship programs. Interns of financial profession
They include interns at the sections of financial services, wealth management, and trust; there were 151 students in 2021, and has been 695 interns since 2014.
Interns of fintech professions
To facilitate digital transformation, we actively cultivate and recruit talents having information and digital skills. There were a total of 12 students in 2021, and has been 32 interns since 2019.
Forums and lectures Speakers engaging in financial work share their experience in their professional fields with students, so that students understand the financial innovation development trend and practicals of management of retail banking, corporate banking, and smart banking. Through great speeches, symposiums, and courses sharing, plus interaction with students, the speakers hoped to give students an understanding of the financial industry and thus a new thinking mode and value. E.SUN Financial Seminar
Collaborate with the Department of Finance of National Sun Yat-sen University, 11 courses and 100 participants were included.
Courses of the Institute of Finance, NYCU
4 speeches with topics covering banking and fintech were included.
Campus competitions E.SUN has been valuing cultivation of digital, technological, and inter-discipline talents. We constantly host campus contest to provide students with an opportunity to exert creativity, discover themselves, and understand fintech. Upholding the idea of"enterprise members name the issues and participants solve the problems", since 2019, we have been holding the Artificial Intelligence Open Challenge, at which we invited AI professionals to solve real financial problems with AI, thereby finding a better solution to sophisticated fin-tech decision- making. At the E.SUN Commercial Bank x National Chengchi University Campus
Business Contest, the preliminary review featured more than 100 teams composed of 500 students of different disciplines from 26 universities.
E.SUN AI Open Challenge
We hosted such competitions separately in the summer and the winter in 2021, participated by a total of 1,326 teams of professionals, a record in the financial industry in Taiwan. So far, we have hosted 6 competitions, which were participated by more than 8,000 AI professionals from 5,524 teams.
Google digital Talnet program
In 2021, a total of 24 applicants submitted their resume, though only one applicant actually checked in. Since collaboration with Google in 2014, we have recruited 30 digital marketing talents.
Corporate visits Get to know the work environment, corporate culture, and the current and future trends of the industry through in-person visits. Student visits
4 sessions in 2021, totaling 225 participants.
Scholarships Cultivate talents in financial, technological, humanity, and nursing fields, and those from countries of ASEAN, through sponsoring oncampus activities, financial courses and scholarship, and in so doing leave a nice impression on the staff and students of the academia. Grants
Distributed NT$0.96 million in 2021 to students from National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, and National Sun Yat-Sen University, etc.
In 2021, we awarded E.SUN Outstanding Talent Scholarship to 36 students, Nursing Talent Scholarship to 8 students, and E.SUN Bank ASEAN Scholarship to 7 students.
AI and FinTech R&D Center E.SUN has been committed to applying AI technology to various scenarios. Through the close collaboration between academia and the industry, results of research were successfully put to practical use and have thus enabled us to provide great financial services in fields such as risk control, operations, and marketing. R&D Center
We established E.SUN AI and FinTech R&D Center with National Chiao Tung University in 2018, and AI and FinTech R&D Center with National Taiwan University in 2019, and worked on projects under the name of Academia Sinica X E.SUN AI R&D Center with Academia Sinica in 2020.
Project cooperation
We have collaborated with 30 professors with nearly 27 projects done, 20 projects in progress.

■ Diverse and long-term incentives

E.SUN provides all employees with diverse and long-term incentives to encourage their stay with us; we also encourage them to create long-term overall performance to facilitate our sustainable development.

Diverse and long- term incentives Implementation method
Employee savings association (employee stock ownership program) Employees are free to make monthly contributions to purchase the shares of E.SUN FINANCIAL HOLDING according to personal plans while the company contributes incentive bonuses thrice each year. In doing so, we encourage employees to hold our shares for the long-term.
Employee remuneration Employee remuneration is distributed to employees in the form of shares to make them the owner of E.SUN.
Long term incentive According to our Long term Incentive Reward System, we provide talented employees with E.SUN Phantom Shares which will be granted after five years, so as to stimulate their creating long term performance.
Seniority rewards To appreciate senior employees for their rendering services, employees with a 10-year seniority will be rewarded the Glory Commemorative Coin.

■ Diverse welfare measures

ESUN cares about colleagues, provides diverse and comprehensive welfare measures, and values work-life balance, so as to create a happy second home for employees.