Talent retention

E.SUN carefully selects a group of like-minded partners. The bank actively invests resources in recruiting outstanding and potential talents, and is committed to"making E.SUN the second home for employees"by providing a competitive salary and welfare system that meets the needs of colleagues, so as to attract and retain the most suitable talents to build a hopeful future together.

■ Recruiting a Diverse Pool of Professionals

Talents are both a leading indicator and a key indicator. Countries, industries and enterprises all need outstanding talents to generate momentum for innovation and progress. E.SUN has been deeply committed to nurturing Taiwan's financial, technological and cross-border professionals, and has actively invested in industry-academia cooperation in recent years.

Item Description Effectiveness
Internship programs Provide students aspiring to work in the financial industry with internship programs during each semester and summer/winter vacations to help them establish the right work attitude and improve their adaptability and competitiveness. Financial specialist intern - 236 students in 2020
E.SUN summer intern - 38 students in 2020
Fintech intern - more than 20 students by 2020
Forums and lectures Guide students to understand the financial industry and new financial trends through experience-sharing sessions, courses and hands-on projects led by E.SUN employees. NTU Hope Seedling Program - collaborate with National Taiwan University College of Management, recruiting 25 participants in 2020.
E.SUN Financial Seminar - collaborate with the Department of Finance of National Sun Yat-sen University, recruiting 99 participants in 2020.
Speeches - 8 speeches held in 2020 with topics ranging banking industry and fintech etc.
Campus competitions Hold regular competitions, where participants could learn to solve problems and find potential solutions for complex financial issues with data at hand. E.SUN Artificial Intelligence Open Challenge - 409 teams of AI talents participated in 2020 Google Mars Digital Marketing Program - 175 applicants in 2020
Corporate visits Get to know the work environment, corporate culture, and the current and future trends of the industry through in-person visits. Student visits - 4 sessions in 2020, totaling 140 participants.
Other visitors - 4 sessions in 2020 with participants from CTCI Education Foundation, Yulon Motor Co., Ltd., Chuan Lian
Enterprise Co., Ltd., and National Taipei University.
Scholarships Cultivate talents in financial, technological, humanity, and nursing fields, and those from countries of ASEAN, through sponsoring oncampus activities, financial courses and scholarship, and in so doing leave a nice impression on the staff and students of the academia. Grants - distributed NT$1.57 million in 2020 to students from National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, and National Tsing Hua University, etc.
Scholarships - In 2020, we awarded E.SUN Outstanding Talent Scholarship to 16 students, Diligence Scholarship to 3
students, Nursing Talent Scholarship to 9 students, and E.SUN Bank ASEAN Scholarship to 8 students.
AI and FinTech R&D Center E.SUN has been committed to applying AI technology to various scenarios. Through the close collaboration between academia and the industry, results of research were successfully put to practical use and have thus enabled us to provide great financial services in fields such as risk control, operations, and marketing. R&D Center - we established E.SUN AI and FinTech R&D Center with National Chiao Tung University in 2018, and AI and FinTech R&D Center with National Taiwan University in 2019, and worked on projects under the name of Academia Sinica X E.SUN AI R&D Center with Academia Sinica in 2020.
Project cooperation - we have collaborated with 17 professors with nearly 30 projects.

■ Retention

E.SUN cares about colleagues, takes care of colleagues, the bank provides incentives for attracting and retaining talents using a competitive salary and reward system that offers benefits superior to regulatory stipulations, taking care of colleagues at the workplace and at home. A comprehensive retirement protection system has also been planned to take care of colleagues from onboarding to retirement. In 2020, the retention rate of all employees was 93.5%, and the retention rate of high-performance employees was 97.5%. Each year, after the bank holds the annual knowledge sharing seminars, through anonymous questionnaire surveys, the bank seek colleagues" feedback on business strategies, salary and benefits as well as employee care, etc. to serve as the basis for improvement. Through complete and comprehensive remuneration and benefits planning, we provide employees with comprehensive protection at all stages of their life journey.

Salary and compensation
"Setting salaries based on position and bonuses based on performance"
  • Setting a fixed salary according to job duties (including principal salary and various allowances)
  • Providing variable salary (including bonus and remuneration) according to the company's overall, unit, and individual performance
  • Linking the organization's long-term business performance and corporate governance in establishing long-term incentives and rewards.
  • Participating in the market salary survey every year and providing a reasonable and competitive salary system.
  • Continuously selected as a constituent stock of the TWSE RAFIR Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index since 2017
  • In 2020, the average fixed salary was raised by more than 8%.
  • The average monthly salary of male and female non-management personnel in Taiwan is more than twice the local basic wage.
Welfare and employee care
Making E.SUN "the second home for employees"
  • Created a comfortable office environment and a harmonious workplace environment.
  • The first bank that established the "E.SUN Baby Development Fund," which not only encouraged employees to have children, but also had the effect of inducing other enterprises to emulate, thereby generating greater social influence.
  • Carry out parent-child activities and provide measures to take care of colleague and its families.
  • Actively promote a variety of health and leisure activities, and pay attention to work-life balance.
Retirement protection
Encouraging long-term savings and ensuring retirement
  • For those subject to the "Labor Standards Act," E.SUN allocates retirement reserves ranging from 2%-15% of employee salaries to Taiwan Bank's special accounts on a monthly basis, all of which are fully allocated.
  • For those whose employment started on July 1, 2005 or opted for the new pension system, E.SUN allocates a 6% monthly pension according to the law.
  • Pension for overseas employees is subject to local laws and regulations.
  • To reward employees with outstanding performance, retirement bonuses in addition to pension may be provided according to their work performance or special contributions.
  • To encourage early retirement planning, E.SUN has established the employee savings association stock trust. Employees who have passed probation are free to join the association, and the company contributes incentive bonuses thrice each year.

■ Diverse welfare measures

  • Friendly workplace

    • Comfortable and clean workplace
    • Quality mentor program
    • Gender equality workplace
    • Multiple working hours, flexible
    • working hours and work at home
    • Employee mess hall, parking lot, gym
  • Happy family

    • Marriage/childbirth subsidies, NT$100,000 in E.SUN Baby Development Fund
    • Marriage related information forum
    • Maternity/paternity leave superior to statutory requirements
    • E.SUN handbook for new mothers,breastfeeding seminars for expecting mothers
    • Breastfeeding room, pregnancy clothes
    • Nursery room, maternity clothes and child supplies sharing platform
    • Employee savings and employee loans
  • Family care

    • Mother/father's day cards and monetary rewards
    • Mother's Day Concert
    • Child education subsidies
    • A variety of family events
    • Day care measures and facilities
    • Chinese New Year accommodation for employees and spouses
    • Special offers on children's foreign language learning activities
    • Outstanding children's award and E.SUN family care from E.SUN Volunteer Foundation (sponsored by the chairman of E.SUN FHC)
  • Health and recreational activities

    • Health examination subsidies that us superior to the law. Special offers from contracted businesses on travel and accommodations
    • Hiking and cycling around Taiwan
    • Social club activities (table tennis, badminton,aerobics classes and so on)
    • Charity sales
    • E.SUN choir group
    • Music concerts (Vienna Boys' Choir, Mayday)
    • Handcraft workshops
    • Sales and exhibition activities and contract merchant discounts

Due to excellent long-term performance, salaries were comprehensively raised in 2020

Supported by long-term profit growth and to thank all employees and management personnel for their efforts, salaries were comprehensively raised in 2020. The first wave of salary adjustments comprised increasing the monthly salaries of entry-level employees, increasing the supervisor allowance of mid-level supervisors, and the second wave comprised the promotion of mid-level supervisors and colleagues as well as increasing their performance bonuses. The annual average salary increase was over 8%, with that for entry-level colleagues even exceeding 10%.

Employee savings association participation rate continues to set new highs

E.SUN has been promoting employee savings associations for a long time to encourage colleagues to plan for retirement. In 2020, the participation rate of savings associations reached 92.62%, which is an increase of 6% from 2019, setting a record high.

Employee savings association participation ratio

Thoughts on flexible work hours – competitiveness from body-mind balance