Employee Care

E.SUN is committed to creating a happy, harmonious and friendly working environment. The bank continuously improves employee health care policy, workplace safety measures to take care of employees both mentally and physically. We provide diverse health promotion activities, attach importance to workplace safety, reduce potential hazards, hold regular occupational safety and sanitation meetings, incorporate occupational safety and sanitation management system, and acquire relevant certification. We aim to protect employees and provide them with a reliable, safety workplace through identifying and preventing risks.

■ Occupational Safety and Sanitation Committee

E.SUN has established a dedicated unit for occupational safety that regularly convenes occupational safety and health committees to communicate and coordinate various safety and health issues, and review the progress and effectiveness of occupational safety measures. The committee is committed to providing colleagues with a safe workplace environment.

■ Occupational safety and sanitation mechanism

E.SUN passed the ISO 45001 certification in 2018, becoming the first financial institution in Taiwan to obtain it. The scope covers various domestic business locations and targets all employees and contractors. In 2020, the bank continued to improve the revision of relevant documents to substantially realize occupational safety and health management. In so doing, we hope to reduce the possibility of accidents and illnesses for employees and improve operational efficiency.

■ OHS Governance Assessments

To effectively identify occupational risks, improve workplace safety, and promote health, E.SUN adopts questionnaires, self-inspection methods, and multidimensional communication channels in compliance with occupational safety laws and PDCA management practices to analyze the health risk matrix based on key indicators, including the results of four major protection plans, job type analysis, operating environment on-site visits, and health impacts. The assessment results for 2020 showed that risks of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and road accidents were the highest primarily because employees work sedentary jobs, lack exercising habits, and frequently work outside of the office. As E.SUN takes zero occupational accidents as its specific goal and female colleagues are the majority at the bank, the bank remains committed to workplace safety measures and maternal health protection issues.

Measure for workplace safety and healthcare issue

Impact High
Risk issues Road accidents Prevention of high blood pressure,cholesterol,and blood sugar levels
Control measures
  1. Road safety awareness courses
  2. Establishment of intrabank reporting mechanism
  3. Health status follow-up
  4. Reducing non-essential activities outside of the office and providing full transportation subsidies
  1. Organizing health promotion seminars and activities
  2. Medical aid consulting station
  3. Infirmary blood pressure measurement
  4. Medical examination policies superior to statutory requirements
  5. Establishment of E.SUN sports center
  6. Subsidy to multiple sports clubs
2020 implementation outcomes
  1. Carrying out traffic safety education and training and listing it as a compulsory course; 7,837 persons have completed the course.
  2. 0 people died from occupational disasters.
  3. 25 cases of injury occurred.
  4. Transportation subsidy amount was NT$16,276,461.
  1. RAnnually hosting sports activities, including cycling across Taiwan, hiking on Yushan, and the E.SUN Cup Table Tennis Tournament.
  2. Wide range of sports clubs, including table tennis, badminton,basketball, yoga, aerobics, and softball.
  3. A total of 16 health seminars were held.
  4. A total of 96 on-site services were handled, with 1,186 participants,and the satisfaction rate was 90% or more.
  5. The number of people who completed health checks was 3,521,and the health check rate was 99.7% (100% compliance).
  6. Regarding screening activities for high blood pressure, cholesterol,and blood sugar levels, the number of participants was 75.
  7. Regarding the healthy slimming class activities, 60 people lost 181 kg in total in 6 weeks and their waist circumference was reduced by 348 cm in total.
External affirmation Became the first financial institution in Taiwan to receive the ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System certification in 2018.
  1. Received the Healthy Workplace Certification by the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, for the second time
  2. Received a third Sports Enterprise Certification by the Sports Administration.

Impact Moderate
Risk issues Workplace safety Maternity protection
Control measures
  1. Physician regular environmental visits
  2. Implementation of the four major protection plans
  3. Providing additional protective equipment,lighting or 24-hour security management in specific areas
  4. Allowing female colleagues to wear flat shoes
  5. Performing air quality testing
  6. Full-time nurses and occupational safety personnel
  7. Implementing the contractor management system
  1. All branches have basic breastfeeding rooms,and those in large financial buildings provide sterilizers for feeding bottles, and refrigerators for breastfeeding
  2. Providing maternity clothes and the E.SUN handbook for new mothers
  3. Mini-lectures for new parents
  4. Flexible work at home system
  5. Maternity/paternity leave superior to statutory requirements
  6. Providing reinstatement assistance measures
2020 implementation outcomes
  1. The four major protection plans were implemented 1,168 persontimes,and the completion rate was 100%.
  2. Held AED+CPR education and training, with 667 participants.
  3. 0 people died from occupational disasters.
  4. Disabling injury frequency rate was 1.36.
  5. Disabling injury severity rate was 11.61.
  1. 340 maternal health care protection questionnaires were distributed to breastfeeding employees during the maternal care period (i.e.,during pregnancy to one year or more than one year after child birth), and the completion rate was 100%.
  2. Reinstatement and retention rate after unpaid child care leave was 80%
  3. A total of 331 applicants for maternity leave
  4. A total of 348 employees adopted flexible and multiple working hours.
  5. A lecture on nutrition intake for pregnant and lying-in women was held in the headquarters building, with 15 participants and a participation rate of 94%.
External affirmation
  1. Large-scale office buildings were rated as AED Safe Areas by the Department of Health of Taipei City Government.
  2. 34 branches in Taipei City received the Indoor Air Quality Self-Management Certification
  1. Large-scale office buildings received Excellent Breastfeeding Room Certification by the Department of Health of Taipei City Government.
  2. Received the first round of "Workplace Gender Equality Indicator Certifications"issued by the Department of Labor of Taipei City Government.

Note 1: Health check rate = number of employees who completed health checks according to health check standards / number of employees who should complete health checks according to health check standards
Note 2: All employees required by the law to take a health check in 2020 had all completed the check.

■ Creating a Healthy Workplace

Each year, based on the numerical analysis of employee health check abnormalities, epidemiology and questionnaire feedback, and combining government resources, the PDCA circular management structure is used to continuously improve and provide health promotion activities that best address employee needs.

  • Provide health promotion activities that best address employee needs
  • Provide health promotion activities that best address employee needs
  • Organized healthy slimming class activities
  • Organized health seminars on multiple topics
  • Provided on-site consultation services given by NTU physicians 8 times per month
  • Conducted screening for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels
  • Conducted influenza vaccine administration sessions
2020 outcomes
  • Health examinations
    3,521 employees completed health checks; the health check rate was 99.7%, and the subsidized amount was NT$10,341,400; 100 managers completed the health check, and the subsidized amount was NT$1,681,437.
  • Healthy slimming class
    2 rounds of the class were held with a total of 60 people participating; average weight loss was 3 kg per person and average waist circumference reduction was 5.8 cm per person.
  • Health seminars
    Conducted 16 health seminars with topics including summertime infectious disease prevention and control, traffic safety, tuberculosis prevention and control, nutrition intake for pregnant and lying-in women, smoking prevention and control, CPR+AED, etc.
  • Onsite services provided by NTU physicians
    A total of 96 on-site services were held, with 1,186 participants, and the questionnaire satisfaction rate was 90% or more.
  • Influenza vaccine administration
    3 influenza vaccine administration sessions were held with 400 participants.
2021 goals
  • Continue to optimize the system and expand the implementation of health promotion measures