Talent cultivation

Talent is a leading indicator and a key indicator." E.SUN upholds the core values of honesty, integrity, dutifulness and professionalism, and has always been committed to talent cultivation. Combining a culture that emphasizes discipline and a spirit of innovation, we continue to move towards a common vision to create value for customers, colleagues and the bank

■ Employment Training System

E.SUN continues to provide a complete training framework, including three main axes: training for new recruits, financial professional training, and leadership management ability training. Through the framework, the bank provides diversified learning and development for employees at various career stages that are based on multiple aspects including financial trends, corporate strategy, customer needs, and talent functions. The bank will moreover continue to reform and innovate, so that the cultivation of talents at each stage can meet the expectations of the company, the environment, and employees.

2020 Training Outcome

A total of  264 internal training courses were held
and attended by a total of  127,037  persons
 857 seminars hosted by professional training agencies were held
and attended by a total of  5068 persons
On average, each employee has been trained 14.1 times
The average training hours per person is  46.1 hours

■ Digital transformation of talent cultivation


E.SUN's talent cultivation methods have been undergoing digital transformation since 2018. In response to the epidemic in early 2020, to allow colleagues to continue learning and make effective use of time, the bank immediately digitized the original physical training courses (such as recording online courses, synchronized video teaching), using digital teaching media, platforms and tools to assist physical training so that colleagues can apply what they have learned to practice in real time.


Course name Description
Regulatory compliance training courses Immediately switched to video teaching methods, so that learning of laws and regulations by colleagues remains uninterrupted by the epidemic.
Lecturer training course-Digital course teaching Invited external consultants to teach digital course design, recording, class operation skills and interactive methods to improve the quality of digital course teaching by internal lecturers.
Training for new recruits& professional training courses raining courses are digitized so colleagues taking part in video courses can interact with each other through online software, enhancing the interaction and richness of remote teaching, making the courses more diversified and increasing the concentration of participants.


Training category Number of participants Course satisfaction Lecturer satisfaction Course pass rate* Digital course conversion rate*
Regulatory compliance training 1,003 84.0% 89.8% 100% 100%
Orientation 427 96.2% 97.0% 98% 43.1%
Professional training 87 - - 100% 43.83%
  1. Digital course conversion rate = (the number of courses converted from the original physical courses to digital courses / the total number of courses conducted physically and face-to-face) * 100%
  2. Course pass rate = (number of students who passed the course/number of students at the start of the course) *100%, the regulatory compliance course is passed after completion; Orientation and professional courses have an elimination mechanism, and those who fail the test will be eliminated.

■ Training program based on transformational strategies

In the face of the impact of the epidemic and changes in technology and laws and regulations, the financial industry needs to continuously evolve, and the main axis of talent cultivation must also follow corporate strategies, focusing on issues such as financial technology, sustainable development and risk control. On top of its fundamental expertise in finance, E.SUN is moreover committed to the empowerment of information technology and artificial intelligence, and gives great thought to using business development to facilitate the sustainable development of both the enterprise and society. In view of these considerations, E.SUN implemented the following two cultivation programs in 2020:

ESG Sustainable Finance Cultivation Program

Coverage 100%
Program description

Training courses for all levels and professional training course

  • Objective:
    E.SUN has always paid great attention to ESG issues, and hopes to pass on the concept of environmental sustainability through the integration of ESG into the curriculum, so that colleagues can exert the effect of corporate social responsibility through individual actions
  • Targets:
    All E.SUN employees
  • Cultivation direction:
    ESG is integrated into the company's operating strategy and business development direction, and incorporated into training courses for all levels, professional training courses, and team motivation activities, such as beach cleaning and mountain climbing to convey the concept of sustainability. In addition, to strengthen corporate governance, the company's organizational development, risk management, internal control and legal compliance practices are also announced through bank-wide seminars and annual online courses.

Corporate financial enterprise sustainable professional training

  • Objective:
    The RM Team is given training on ESG contents, market status and international trends to enhance the RM Team's ability to communicate with hidden champion customers, grasp the potential ESG needs of enterprises, create differentiated services, and strengthen customer management and ESG product sales.
  • Targets:
    Colleagues of the head office's Corporate Banking Division and corporate banking centers
  • Cultivation direction:
Operating efficacy and effectiveness of training programs 【Operating efficacy】
By integrating ESG concepts into the bank's business scope, E.SUN has successfully improved operational performance, such as: Assisting companies to issue sustainability bonds, participate in the capital market, and redirect capital investment to companies that are conducive to environmental and social development; Incorporating ESG indicators into the review of wealth management products, taking into account customer investment rights and international responsible investment principles.
【Training outcomes】

Technology Empowerment Cultivation Program

Coverage 33.8%
Program description

Key Professional Digital Empowerment Course

  • Objective:
    Accelerate the digital transformation of financial technology and build up financial technology capabilities.
  • Targets:
    All E.SUN employees
  • Cultivation direction:
    In recent years, E.SUN has established a policy of "selection, training, use, and retention" for scientific and technological talents crossing into the financial industry and strengthened the digital skills of traditional financial talents, so that the two types of talents can develop in a diverse range of directions. In addition to adding financial technology courses to general training modules, business units select potential talents to give them training in professional information project management, user experience, and artificial intelligence technology, so that they become the units' digital promotion seeds for integrating digital capabilities into business development and promote the successful transformation of various channels. In 2020, these approaches have enabled the proportion of E.SUN's digital transactions to exceed 60% in all important businesses (such as wealth management, foreign currency exchange, etc.).

Advanced course for tech team supervisors

  • Objective:
    As more technological talents joined E.SUN, the collaborations between business management departments have been on a deeper level and a larger scale. We enabled seamless cross-departmental communication through training courses to raise the potential for business growth.
  • Targets:
    Mid and high-level executives of the tech team and of cross-departmental product series
  • Cultivation direction:
Operating efficacy and effectiveness of training programs 【Operating efficacy】
Integrating cross-departmental learning, financial and technological personnel engage in exchange and mutual inspiration, accelerating the development of E.SUN's digital businesses, including: effectively analyzing customer needs, recommending the most suitable products, and creating service opportunities and value; Using artificial intelligence to promote risk control and enhance customer rights protection, such as credit card fraud detection and flagged account detection.
【Training outcomes】

■ Talent development-oriented performance management system

E.SUN enforces talent development-oriented performance management. The bank identifies high potential talents through two-way communication and performance interviews, and provides them with different development opportunities that enable them to carry out their career development plans. In 2020, all E.SUN employees participated in the performance management cycle.

  • Beginning of the year - According to the development direction of current strategies, the bank verifies the job responsibilities and performance evaluation indicators and the supervisor and colleagues jointly set performance goals to ensure that colleagues of the unit can collectively proceed in the same direction.
  • Mid-term - Units review and adjust goals in response to environmental changes, implement daily management and assessment, and provide relevant guidance and feedback in real time.
  • End of the year- Year-end assessments are conducted to assist colleagues in reviewing the past and looking forward to the future.