Talent Cultivation


■ ESG Sustainable Finance Cultivation Program

Coverage ratio 100%

Program description

  • Universal Improvement in ESG Awareness Across the Bank
    • Objective: Sustainability-conscious talents are one of the core competitiveness of an enterprise in the future. Given this, we hope to create a virtuous circle for sustainability and business performance by hosting various education and training to improve the ESG awareness of our employees, and by encouraging them to fuse sustainability concepts with financial professionalism. Also, by providing diverse volunteer activities to make our employees engage in sustainability issues on a recurring basis, we hope to improve the ESG awareness across the Bank, thereby heading toward sustainable development jointly with them.
    • Targets: All E.SUN employees
    • Cultivation direction: Fuse ESG issues into courses tailored to employees at different level and in different position, and invite external lecturers and entrepreneurs to share their opinion on sustainability issues, so as to constantly improve the sustainability thinking of all employees to pursue enterprise growth. Host volunteer activities such as beach clean- up and mountain clean-up for employees to fulfill sustainability through participation in person. In addition, to continue to strengthen corporate governance, the company's organizational development, risk management, internal control, and legal compliance practices are also announced through bank-wide seminars.
  • Corporate sustainable development professional training - corporate banking
    • Objective: By taking periodic and non-periodic diverse training, the RM team is expected to improve its ESG thinking, get a good grasp of sustainability regulations and trends as well as supply chain requirements, and advance its ability to communicate with hidden champion customers, thereby identifying the ESG pain points and potential demands of E.SUN, becoming E.SUN's best partner towards ESG transformation, and continuing to strengthen customer management and ESG products sales, and in doing so sharpening E.SUN's sustainability competitiveness.

Business benefits and effectiveness of training programs

【Business benefits】
By constantly getting grasp of sustainability trends and customer needs, E.SUN has fused the spirit of ESG with business, for instance: We encourage customers to set ESG goals; offer ESG- linked loans; engage in project financing for projects concerning the various renewable energies; assist customers in issuing sustainable bonds; and increasing the ratio of ESG loans to total loans for consecutive years, successfully creating a virtuous circle for ESG and business performance.

■ Job rotation training

Through rotation training, E.SUN cultivates multi-skilled professional financial talents and provides a broad career path, so that employees have the opportunity to enrich their professional skills and improve management thinking through rotating to different departments or participating in various projects. This enables them to build their own future through their own hands.

  • Job rotation and internal talent recruitment
  • Appropriate arrangement of job rotation
    E.SUN comply with laws and regulation of 5 principles of job rotation, in response to our business development, as well as the shortest notice period for material operational changes in job rotations for employees' career development. The bank provides employees with about 2 weeks for hand over and to prepare for working in a new environment. In the event of a situation specified in Article 11, 13 or 16 of the Labor Standards Act, the notice period as below.
    • Notice shall be given 10 days in advance for employees who have worked at the Company for 3 months or more but less than 1 year.
    • Notice shall be given 20 days in advance for employees who have worked at the Company for 1 year or more but less than 3 years.
    • Notice shall be given 30 days in advance for employees who have worked at the Company for 3 years or more.