Inclusive Finance

■ Outcomes of inclusive finance

In order to provide enterprises and individuals with affordable and sustainable financial services, to achieve economic inclusive growth, and to promote social equity and welfare, E.SUN has long been concerned with social issues and is committed to integrating the spirit of inclusive finance with the financial industry. In addition to insight into the needs of "small businesses and microfinance institutions" and designing diversified loan projects correspondingly, E.SUN is also committed to actively improving the accessibility, usability and service quality of financial services for "disadvantaged and underserved groups," aiming to make the most suitable financial services available to all members of society.

■ Small businesses and microfinance institutions

It's clear that SMEs are an important foundation for steady economic growth and a huge source of jobs. Small businesses with a revenue under NT$50 million, due to its smaller scale and relatively weak financial system, would require external financial support to adopt to the changes of the environment and for business expansion. E.SUN has for many years been helping small businesses grow and develop by providing diversified loan programs for purposes such as entrepreneurship counseling, factory purchases and operating funds.

■ Expanding "financial service accessibility"--Friendly and convenient financial services

Groups Friendly financial services
Resident of remote areas

[Physical channels]

  • E.SUN set up ATMs at highly-frequented locations such as Taiwan Railway Stations and convenience stores to provide residents in remote areas with high-quality and convenient services.
  • The bank also deployed ATMs in areas with few bank automation equipment within one kilometer, such as the Family Mart convenience store in Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County (Jianshi Nahuy Store), the RT-Mart (Taitung Store) in Taitung City, Taitung County, and Chung Jen Junior College of Nursing, Health Science and Management in Dalin Township, Chiayi County, etc.

[Digital channels]

  • E.SUN launched the online account opening channel "e-Click opening account." In 2020, products such as credit cards and securities accounts were integrated into the account opening process, so that residents in remote areas can complete the account opening procedures without having to visit a branch in person as well as apply for a variety of products and enjoy discounts on interbank withdrawal/transfer fees, foreign currency purchases, and credit card payments, etc.
  • Through E.SUN's mobile banking APP, we provide all customers with fully digitalized mobile financial services. Customers can conduct real-time processing of transfers, payment and other daily needs without the hassle of visiting a branch, monitor personalized accounting information using their mobile phones, and also decide when and where to purchase foreign currency and make investment plans. As of 2020, a total of 2.2 million customers have downloaded the APP.
  • It requires financial knowledge and related experiences to spot suitable wealth management products or allocate one's assets. When financial consultants assist customers in choosing products, they are often unable to fully satisfy all customers' financial consulting services due to time, geographical constraints and limited resources. In 2020, E.SUN pioneered the "AI Selection of Fund," which is the first AI financial cognition preference recommendation model built by a member of Taiwan's financial industry. It can provide individual recommendations for fund targets based on customers' risk tolerance levels, transaction records and other information, which not only lowers the threshold and makes investment simpler, but is also comprehensively and freely provided to all customers so that anyone can easily use it anytime, anywhere. Since its launch in March 2020 to December, AI Selection of Fund has accumulated nearly 130,000 users, among which up to 94% of users are the members of general public who are not E.SUN's wealth management client, signifying that E.SUN has successfully realized the spirit of undifferentiated, equal and inclusive finance.
Mentally or physically handicapped
Item 2018 2019 2020
Barrier-free bank counters 47 51 138
Accessible bathrooms 117 120 111*
Wheelchair friendly ATMs 698 821 959
Internet banking/mobile banking Certified AA grade by Web Accessibility Standard 2.0 Friendly online banking / mobile banking service section Friendly online banking / mobile banking service section

* In 2020, the certification standard for barrier-free toilets was adjusted from "Conforming to Building Regulations" to "Conforming to FSC Standards," therefore the number has been slightly modified.

[Physical channels]

  • Accessible facilities: Automated facilities installed at every branch are not taller than 120 cm and are equipped with voice recognition, alert sound and lights, and service bell. Responding to regulator's policy guideline to build a friendly branch environment, all customers with disability can apply for waiver of ATM cross-bank withdraw fee charges. Each applicant can apply for one account, and is entitled to 3 withdraws per month.
  • Barrier-free for wheelchairs: In 2020, all branches in Taiwan (except the Nanshan Plaza branch, which is serviced by dedicated personnel) have completed the deployment of barrier-free counters, and are continuing to build barrier-free toilets and ramps.
  • Service for the hearing-impaired: E.SUN offers online application and various ways of notification (including SMS and email written communications). Sign language and other assistive communication methods are also provided to help the hearing-impaired complete transactions.
  • Service for the visually-impaired: The visually-impaired can use fingerprints and signing symbols to replace their signature for their wealth management or deposit/remittance transactions. It is also optional for customers to complete their transactions by providing a witness or by court notary.

[Digital channels]

  • Online banking obtained AA grade certification by Web Accessibility Standard 2.0 in 2018 a banking friendly section was established in 2019 and non-designated account transfer and mobile device binding services were added in 2020. In addition,E.SUN provides voice OTP services for online banking and mobile banking for customers who have forgotten their account and password, so that visually impaired customers enjoy access to a friendly financial service experience.
  • Customers with disability can understand more about the accessibility services provided by the bank through announcements on branch bulletins, E.SUN's official website, and the Customer Charter. They can also look up locations of accessible ATMs on the banking association's website.
Foreigner or new immigrant

[Physical channels]

  • ABorderless communication: In response to the policy of "Blueprint of bilingual country in 2030" and to meet the financial needs of foreigners, E.SUN is the leading financial institution in Taiwan to set up a bilingual branch in National Taiwan University. As of 2020, the bank has set up 17 bilingual demonstration counter branches and is continuing to adjust application forms to bilingual versions. More bilingual services will continue to be available in the future to be in line with international standards.
  • Automation: To provide expats and new immigrants with convenient financial services, E.SUN has deployed ATMs (including CDM) with bilingual operation interfaces in locations that expats visit often such as Taiwan Railway Stations, department stores, colleges and universities, and large medical institutions.

[Digital channels]

  • E.SUN Online Banking is available in bilingual (Chinese and English) versions. Foreign customers can easily cross language barriers and enjoy a real-time digital financial experience.
Number of bilingual ATMs installed in 2020
Taiwan Railway Stations Department stores Colleges Medical institutions
27 14 16 40

Note 1: Definition of resident of remote areas: According to the Ministry of the Interior, where a local administrative area's density of population is one fifth lower than the average of the country or off-shore island that is over 7.5 km to municipalities and county governments. There are 65 administrative areas that meet the criteria.
Note 2: Definition of persons with disabilities: According to the definition of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Note 3: Definition of new immigrants: As defined by the Ministry of the Interior, new immigrants are: foreigners, stateless persons, nationals living in the Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau married with Taiwanese and those naturalized with a resident permit in Taiwan.
Note 4: E.SUN provide customers with free deposit accounts, including 77,830 residents in remote areas, 15,653 persons with disabilities, and 173,832 foreigners or new immigrants.

■ Enhancing the "usability of financial services"--Customized and diversified product services

(1) Inclusive financial products

Low-Income Social Groups Project 2018 2019 2020
Number of customers Amount (NT$100 million) Number of customers Amount (NT$100 million) Number of customers Amount (NT$100 million)
Residential subsidy loan
(Assisting lower income families with home improvement and home purchases)
647 9.36 728 10.56 874 13
Debt negotiation and repayment plan services
(Debt restructuring for families facing incidents)
2,104 3.73 2,158 3.52 1,768 2.48
Earthquake disaster victims
(Post-disaster reconstruction loan service)
78 0.33 60 0.23 21 0.14
Total number of accounts and balance     2,663 15.62
Underserved Groups/ Underserved Geographies Project 2018 2019 2020
Number of customers Amount (NT$100 million) Number of customers Amount (NT$100 million) Number of customers Amount (NT$100 million)
Loans for new immigrants
(Assisting new immigrants in settling down in response to government policy)
2,878 53.74 3,147 68.26 4,159 88.56
Loans to remote rural areas as defined by the Ministry of Interior
(Providing financing exclusive to distinct local businesses, balancing the gap between urban and rural)
1,848 19.25 1,767 19.46 2,034 19.85
Student loans
(Assisting outstanding students in financing their overseas studies)
317 2.32 305 2.16 288 2
Loans for startup funding for young entrepreneurs
(Assisting young start-up entrepreneurs to build their businesses and creating a conducive environment)
420 0.95 313 0.67 206 0.85
Total number of accounts and balance
(customers granted more than 1 loan are counted only once)
    6,666 110.95

(2) Inclusive financial innovation services

Products/services 2020 Outcomes Pieces of paper required for application/completion at the counter (per case) 2020 total number Saved carbon emissions (tCO2e)
e-Click opening account A full online account opening channel. In 2020, about 40,000 customers completed account opening through the website, accounting for 14% of the total number of accounts opened, which is double the number of accounts opened in 2019. 6 39,542 1.80
e-Click Online Card Application Customers can easily apply for credit card online. In 2020, the number of online personal credit card applications was more than 470,000, accounting for 65% of total applications. 5 531,941 20.21
e-Click loan Customers can easily apply for loan online. In 2020, number of online personal loan applications was more than 85,000, 80% of total applications. 9 85,000 5.81
e-Click Mortgage There were more than 2,000 applications in 2020 and that is 5% of total cases. - - -
e-Click foreign currency exchange 98% of foreign currency exchange were conducted online in 2020 with 67.8% of foreign currency exchange volume. 2 5,104,000 77.58
e-Click wealth managemente More than 1,450,000 transactions of mutual fund subscription were conducted online in 2020, more than 63% of total transactions. - 547,819 21.82
Sum - - 127.22

Note 1: e-Click foreign exchange calculation channel includes 5.001 million online banking/mobile banking cases and 103,000 E. SUN eBanking cases.
Note 2: Channels calculated under e-Click wealth management include personal online banking/mobile banking/corporate internet banking/wealth management express, and the transaction scope includes the signing of the master agreement, KYC, investment and wealth management (application, transfer and redemption) and online insurance, etc., with the number of sheets of paper and cases varying based on different scenarios. In 2020, e-Click wealth management cases achieved total savings of 2.871 million sheets of paper.
Note 3: The carbon reduction of digital products/services is calculated according to the EPA Taiwan Carbon Footprint, which states that the carbon emissions of one sheet of A4 paper is 0.0076 kg of CO2e.

■ Enhancing "financial risk resistance"-- Financial knowledge promotion and education

The cultivation of correct financial concepts and behaviors, such as the calculation of income and expense, the understanding of interest and foreign exchange rate, the effect of compound interest, and the importance of financial discipline, all of which are important basic financial concepts. E.SUN is committed to improving public financial literacy and strengthening financial risk resistance through promoting and imparting financial knowledge.