E.SUN Bank

  • E.SUN Bank was established in 1992, and it is wholly owned by E.SUN Financial Holding Company. The bank’s primary operations include commercial and corporate banking, foreign exchange, investment, treasury, wealth management, and agency. In 1992, the founder Mr. Yung-Jen Huang was committed to building an international Taiwanese bank that would be comparable to other international banks from the United States and Japan. From then on, he dedicated himself to building E.SUN into a distinctive bank. For a quarter century, E.SUN has exhibited excellent performance in various areas, including overall business performance, corporate governance, customer service, risk management, financial innovation, and corporate social responsibility, as it strives to pursue well-balanced and sustainable development.

    • Commercial and corporate banking: Accepts all types of deposits, engages in lending, discounting of bills/checks, syndicated loans, domestic remittances, commercial acceptances, issuance of domestic letters of credit, domestic guarantees, credit cards, and rental of safe deposit boxes.
    • Foreign exchange: Import and export negotiations, general inward and outward remittance, foreign currency deposits, foreign currency loans, foreign currency guarantees, and exchange of foreign cash and traveler’s checks.
    • Investment and wealth management: Investment in securities, short-term bills broking, dealing, trading of financial derivatives, funds, insurance, and trust operations.
    • Agency: Issuance of debentures, collection and payment of various bills, underwriting securities, agent for services of the National Treasury Administration, providing fiscal advisory services, dealing of corporate bonds and debentures and electronic payment operations.
E.SUN Securities

  • E.SUN Securities was established in 2000. It became a wholly owned subsidiary of E.SUN Financial Holding Company in 2002. E.SUN Securities provides brokerage, underwriting, and proprietary operations. It focuses on customer experience, while developing and constructing the best electronic trading environment. Its developmental aims are to implement e-services and build a professional brand image. The goal is to become the "most trusted securities firm".

    • Brokerage: Buying and selling securities, futures, warrants and options for clients, sub-brokerage of foreign securities, margin trading, electronic trading, and equity financing.
    • Underwriting: Advising domestic and foreign companies to go public and undertake IPO/SPOs, offering companies financial consultant services to implement business strategies.
    • Proprietary trading: Trading securities with the firm’s own money on the stock exchange, futures and options, to pursue stable positive returns.
E.SUN Venture Capital
    • 6F, No.115, Sec.3 Minsheng E. Rd, Taipei
    • Phone:(+8862) 2175-1313 ext. 9408

  • E.SUN Venture Capital was established in 2002, and it is also wholly owned by E.SUN Financial Holding Company. E.SUN Venture Capital is dedicated to offering total financial solutions for corporate clients. It leverages E.SUN Financial Holding Company’s extensive resources and offers an extensive range of financial services for corporate clients at different stages of business development.

    • Invest in and nurture unlisted but promising domestic and foreign companies.
    • Assist and give guidance to the transformation or restructuring of businesses that hold long-term potential.
    • Provide industry information and help companies with fund-raising, M&As, strategic alliances, etc.