Leading in Excellence - Yung-Jen Huang

Yung-Jen Huang, Chairman of E.SUN FHC and founder of E.SUN Commercial Bank, is an outstanding banker with leadership, excellent management, and extensive knowledge of both financial theory and applications. He is an exceptional leader who fosters human capital with his expertise, enthusiasm, and generosity, and has dedicated his entire career to the financial industry in Taiwan. He received the Excellent Individual Award by the National Quality Award - the highest honor in Taiwan, the first Special Contribution Award for individuals from the Taiwan Banking and Finance Best Practice Awards, and the Kwol-Ting Li Management Medal.

Pioneering New Frontiers - Joseph N.C. Huang

Joseph N.C. Huang, Chairman of E.SUN Commercial Bank, is committed to making E.SUN the best bank in Taiwan with his professional, passionate and persistent leadership. He leads E.SUN in its pursuit of excellence by cultivation in local market, expansion in Asia and development in innovation. Under his management, E.SUN has awarded the best bank for 10 times and included in Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for 4 times. Joseph himself has received several awards and recognitions, including Best CEO in Asia Pacific from The Asian Banker, Best CEO in Asia from The Asset 3 years in a row, and Best CEO in Taiwan from The Institutional Investor.

Excelling at management - Magi Chen

Magi Chen, President of E.SUN FHC, has a forward-looking perspective and professional financial expertise. With both outstanding strategic planning and execution abilities, she has surpassed many goals along with the teams and aims to lead the organization towards its long-term vision. She was awarded the 25 Most Influential Women in Treasury by Corporate Treasurer, the Asia's Best CFO by Corporate Governance Asia, the Best CFO in Asia by Institutional Investor, the National Manager Excellence Award by Chinese Professional Management Association, and the Best CFO in Taiwan by FinanceAsia.

An Expert at the Helm - Mao-Chin Chen

Mao-Chin Chen, President of E.SUN Commercial Bank, is equipped with financial professional, interdisciplinary thinking and profound experience in cross-border management. He has mental agility and vision required to see through internal and external environment and deploy strategy with a group of like-minded financial professionals. Under his leadership, E.SUN Bank received SME Partner Award for the 14th consecutive year (MOEA, Credit Guarantee Fund), Best SME Bank in Taiwan for 3 times in a row(Asiamoney), and Best Oversea Development Award in the TABF.