Strategic Deployment in Asia Based on Strong Foundations in Taiwan

E.SUN firmly believes that great vision and ambition bring great energy and success.
Our operations are conducted with the highest standards of integrity, and our brand is built on exemplary professionalism.
E.SUN's goal is to be the best bank for employees, customers,
and to fulfill its corporate social responsibility to Taiwan and to the world.

Glory and Honor

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    Included in Dow Jones Sustainability Index in 9 consecutive years
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    Receive 4th times winner of National Quality Awards, including Founder Mr. Yung Ren Huang’s award
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    7th consecutive year Top 5% of Corporate Governance Evaluation《TWSE》
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    Awarded for The Excellence in Management and Corporate Governance in 12 consecutive years《The Asset》
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    Ranked No.1 in financials in CSR award for 15 times《Common Wealth》
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    Listed on the Annual Honor Board in the 15th CSR Awards《Global Views》