Social Inclusion

E.SUN FHC supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Taiwan SDGs set by the National Council for Sustainable Development, Executive Yuan through concrete goals and actions.Through the process of identifying, prioritizing, and selecting suitable goals and taking action, E.SUN identified 9 goals, including Quality Education, that most relevant to its business strategies and operations, and further disclosed results corresponding to each goal of the Taiwan SDGs, supporting the nation's sustainable development while actively fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

Key response targets Business drivers Stakeholder communication
4 Quality Education Talent is a key and leading indicator. E.SUN believes that talent cultivation is essential for corporate sustainability and national competitiveness. E.SUN has long taken actions to improve the quality of education by supporting rural elementary schools, higher education, and corporate learning. We establish libraries for elementary schools lacking resources. We support key talent in various fields nationwide through industry-academia cooperation, E.SUN Outstanding Talent Scholarship, and the E.SUN Academic Award. We have hosted the International Masters Forum to introduce elite strategies, marketing, and new knowledge in management for Taiwanese enterprises. E.SUN's emphasis on talent cultivation makes consumers more willing to use World Card, and makes outstanding talents feel confident when they join E.SUN, which not only reduces recruitment costs, but also provides a better foundation for the company's future. Take the Golden Seed Project for example, before this project, there was no such large- scale library renovation project provided by private enterprises for rural schools in Taiwan, so E.SUN did not have many objects to refer to. However, the determination to build libraries in remote areas is so strong, so we discussed with children's reading education experts, school teachers and principals, and interior design companies about how to build libraries suitable for children. After the completion of E.SUN Library, E.SUN will continue to exchange opinions with the schools, and regularly visit them to understand, maintain, repair and renew the libraries, so that teachers and children can make the most of the libraries.
8 Create Decent Work and Economic Growth A bank is not only a business of managing credit risks and a service business to meet the needs of customers, but also an innovative business that leads social development and a public business that pursues management efficiency. While pursuing external opportunities for development, we also value internal stability. E.SUN is actively developing fintech to creates a good working environment and improve employee productivity, and assist SMEs in acquiring funds and transforming business models. E.SUN is committed to providing convenient financial services that are as easy to obtain as water and electricity, which not only helps those who have difficulty in obtaining funds, but also high-end customers are more willing to use E.SUN's financial services. Taking the cultivation of small and medium-sized enterprises as an example, E.SUN has combined government resources to vigorously promote the "SME Credit Guarantee Fund" to guarantee financing business for a long time, and also communicates with government agencies to recommend policies to help small and medium-sized enterprises obtain important capital for operation. In addition, E.SUN actively explores high-quality potential companies, through interviews, in-depth investigations and sharing of successful experiences, to guide companies to participate in national awards, improve their operational physique, and assist in growth and transformation.
3 Good health and well-being Health is the foundation of happiness and the key to the sustainable operations of a country and its enterprises. As Taiwan is becoming a super-aged country, the demand for medical resources is increasing day by day, and the problem of nursing shortage has started to emerge. E.SUN donating medical supplies and launching blood donation activities, and collaborates with academic institutions to cultivate nursing talents to enhance the energy of Taiwan's social health care system. On the other hand, E.SUN regularly co-organizes free clinic and home medical services with hospitals to provide appropriate medical care for physically-challenged patients and those living in remote rural areas with scarce medical resources. By continuing to invest in medical resources, together with cross-industry forces to helps disadvantaged groups, E.SUN has been highly recognized by the physician customer base, and credit card, loan, and wealth management business for physicians has grown steadily. E.SUN initiated the home-based dental project with Taiwan Dental Association and provided resources for rural dental practice, aiming to improve people's oral hygiene in remote areas. Based on the feedback from patients, E.SUN recruited volunteers and donated medical equipment to support dentists with better mobility in rural areas.
SDGs Associated targets Results Mid- to long-term goals
4 Quality education
4.3 Ensure equal access for all women and men to affordable education (U)
4.5 Ensure equal access to education the vulnerable (U)
4.7 Ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including through education for sustainable development and appreciation of cultural diversity (U)
4.4 Increase the number of youth who have ICT skills (T)
(S)166 E.SUN Libraries.
(S)Care for School Children Project has helped 36,846 disadvantaged students throughout the past 3 years.
(S)English Hand in Hand Project in rural elementary schools has opened 108 classess and 1,867 students.
(S)The E.SUN Outstanding Talent Scholarship was awarded to a total of 208 students.
(S)A total of 51 professors have received the E.SUN Academic Award.
(S)National Theater and Concert Hall Dream Come True Program, Relaxed Performance, Play ART's Children's Workshop, Theater Art Experience, and Visits to E.SUN Libraries helped 4,596 children in rural areas in 2021.
(C)The market share of World Card reached 29.4%.
(C)Held a total of 6 E.SUN AI Open Competitions with a total of 5,552 teams.
(S)Build 200 E.SUN Libraries by 2025.
(C)The market share of World Card reaches 30% in 2025.
8 Decent work and economic growth
8.2 Increase economic productivity through diversification, technology upgrade, and innovation. (U)
8.3 Encourage the growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises through access to financial services (U)
8.8 Protect labour rights and promote safe and secure working environments for all workers (in particular women worker) (U)
8.10 Provide convenient access to diverse financial services (U)
8.13 Encourage the development of renewable energy (T)
(S)Average expenses on employee benefits was NT$1.405 million.
(S)Assisted 25,400 SMEs in obtaining vital working capital.
(C)Approved NT$469.7 billion in SMEs loans.
(C)Invested NT$540 million in R&D in 2021 and has acquired 98 fintech- related patents by the same year (30 invention patents, 57 utility model patents, 11 design patents).
(C)The number of active customers of mobile and internet banking reached 2.47 million.
(C)e-Click Loan applications accounted for 97% of total credit and credit card loans.
(S)Total amount of electricity from wind power reached 4,042MW (offshore 2,506MW; onshore 1,536MW).
(S)Employee benefits for non-management personnel reach NT$1.5 million per capita by 2025.
(S)Assists 25,000 SMEs in obtaining vital working capital in 2025.
(C)Issue NT$500 billion of loans to SMEs in 2025.
(C)Issued NT$113 billion of loans to small businesses in 2025.
3 Good health and well-being
3.8 Achieve universal health coverage
3.c Increase health financing and support for the health workforce in developing countries
(S)Collaborated with physicians to organize free home medical services, benefiting 2,058 people.
(S)Awarded Nursing Talent Scholarship to 17 students.
(S)Collaborated with the 6 chartered specialist associations (the medical, dental, Chinese medical, CPA, bar and architect associations) in holding blood donation activities, collecting a total of 7,070 bags of blood from 4,715 donors.
(S)Installed 23 dental chairs in elementary schools in rural areas of Hualien County, Taitung County, and Kaohsiung City to provide services to children and local residents. We also encourage young dentists to contribute their medical expertise by providing services in rural areas.
(C)51,000 credit cards of the physician series are in circulation.
(S)Benefit 20,000 people with free clinic services by 2025.
(S)Donate 60,000 bags of blood by 2025.
(C)The number of cards of the physician series in circulation reach 37,000 in 2025.
13 Climate action
13.2 Integrate climate change measures into strategic planning. (U)
13.3 Improve the agency and its employees' capabilities to mitigate climate change. (U)
13.3.2 Promote change in public behavior and implement low-carbon local activities. (T)
(S)Issued loans to 839 solar power stations, which totaled 1,240 MW in power generation and helped to reduce annual carbon emissions by 778,000 tons
(S)Stopped issuing new loans to coal-fired power plant projects, and there would be no extensions for current contracts
(S)Reduced carbon emissions by 26% per unit of revenue
(S)Approximately 360,000 YouBike rides per month by E.SUN EasyCard holders (C+S)36 loans approved in accordance with the Equator Principles.
(C)Loans granted to green industries reached NT$29.2 billion.
(S)The total amount of sustainable finance reaches NT$340 billion in 2025.
(S)The capacity from domestic renewable energy project financings reach 3.4 GW in 2025.
16 Peace, justice and strong institutions
16.4 Significantly reduce illicit financial and arms flows and combat all forms of organized crime (U)
16.6 Establish effective, responsible, and transparent institutions (U)
16.7 Ensure responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels (U)
(S)Successfully helped prevent fraud and saved around NT$125.48 million (NTD and foreign currencies included).
(C)337 employees acquired the credential for Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).
(C)1,207 employees acquired the credential for Professional Exam for Anti- Money Laundering and Countering Terrorism
(C)5 employees obtain the CGSS certification
(S)Strengthen the disclosure of directors' salary package in 2025.
(C)Establish E.SUN global anti-money laundering system platform in 2025.
12 Responsible 12.5 consumption and production
12.5 Reduce waste generation, and promote recycling and reuse. (U)
12.6 Encourage companies to adopt sustainable development measures and disclose sustainable development information. (U)
12.7 Promote green procurement (U)
(S)Reduce waste generated per unit revenue by 37%.
(S)Reduce water consumption per unit revenue by 24%.
(S)Credit card carbon neutrality 573 ton.
(C)Spent NT$1.5 billion on green procurement.
(C)Issued more than 4.02 million carbon-neutral credit cards.
(S)Reduce waste generated per unit revenue by 50% and water consumption per unit revenue by 30% in 2025 compared to 2016
(C)Change all E.SUN credit cards in circulation to carbonneutral ones by 2025.
15 Life on land
15.2 Sustainably manage forests. (U)
15.4 Protect mountain ecosystems. (U)
15.5 Protect and prevent endangered species from extinction. (U)
(S)Planted 40,000 trees for the tree-planting project
(S)Cumulatively donated NT$9 million to Taipei City Zoo.
(S)Sponsored hiking trails in Yangmingshan National Park for 13 consecutive years since 2009.
(S)Hold Smile E.SUN beach-cleaning activities for 12 consecutive years, with the number of participants in 2021 reaching 3,686.
(C)Issued a total of 496,000 Taiwan Black Bear Credit Cards, Visa Signature Cards, and ETC EasyCard Joint Credit Cards (a set percentage is contributed to the preservation of black bears, the tree- planting project, and sustainable environment accounts).
(S)Plant 80,000 trees native to Taiwan by 2025.
(S)Hold beach-cleaning activities every year up to 2025
5 Gender equality
5.1 End discrimination against women. (U)
5.4 Value women's contribution to families. (U)
5.5 Ensure women's full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels. (U)
(S)Awarded the certification of Workplace Gender Equality Model in its first year of launching from Department of Labor of Taipei City Government.
(S)Won the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards – Gender Equality Leadership Award
(S)Provide maternity leave (60 days), paternity leave (6 days), and unpaid parental leave (3 years), which are superior to statutory requirements.
(S)Rate of reinstatement after parental leave: 86.59%
(C)39.39% of managerial employees were female.
(C)The average salary for a female non-managerial employee is 98% of that for a male nonmanagerial employee.
(C)The share of women in total workforce is 55% and above in 2025.
(C)In 2025, share of women in all management positions reaches 41%, junior management positions reaches 45%, top management positions reaches 23%.
(C)In 2025, share of women in management positions in revenue-generating functions reaches 42%, STEM-related positions reaches 32%.
17 Partnerships for the goals
17.3 Provide financial support for developing countries (U)
17.3 Offer scholarship to high-performing students in developing countries to study in Taiwan. (T)
(S)Promulgated the ASEAN Talent Scholarship to outstanding talent from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. A total of 26 students have received the scholarship.
(S)E.SUN and MacKay Memorial Hospital jointly donated over a thousand medical protective clothing to Shing Mark Hospital in Vietnam; E.SUN and Taiwan Medical Association made a joint donation to help the medical association of India with epidemic prevention work.
(C)Loans granted by branches and subsidiaries in developing countries, including Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, reached US$793 million.
(C)Issued housing loans of US$271 million in Cambodia.
(C)Overseas units supported local policies by providing relief loans totaling US$89 million to 249 borrowers.
(S)Continue to provide the ASEAN Talent Scholarship annually up to 2025 to help more high-performing Southeast Asian students to study and work in Taiwan.
Note: 1. (U) represents United Nations, and (T) represents Taiwan's targets.
Note: 2. (S): Social / Environmental Benefit KPI. (C): Business Benefit KPI
Note: 3. Numbers related to the reduction of carbon emissions, water consumption, and waste indicate changes since 2016.

Working with the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) to cultivate international financial talent

TaiwanICDF supports the development of economic, social, and human resources by friendly or developing countries under the vision of "Partnerships for Progress and Sustainable Development." E.SUN collaborated with TaiwanICDF in organizing the International Student Industry-Academia Collaboration Internship Program, which encourages international students from Honduras, Haiti, and Indonesia to study and work in business and finance in Taiwan. E.SUN provides professional financial training through internships in consumer banking, corporate banking, FinTech, and business units, as well as participation in E.SUN volunteer activities, deepening cultural and financial exchanges with international students. This allows E.SUN to fulfill its social responsibility and exert its influence as a global citizen.

Distributed the ASEAN Talent Scholarship

With regard to E.SUN's overseas strategy for developing Asia's financial platform, besides actively expanding locations in ASEAN countries, we continue to expand cooperation with many universities and offer the ASEAN Talent Scholarship, encouraging ASEAN students from Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam to actively learn in Taiwan and develop their international abilities. This will allow them to contribute to society and work towards their ideals, regardless of whether they return to their country or stay in Taiwan.

Promoting financial education for students to plant seeds of hope in finance

Basic financial education that provides the correct concepts, attitude, values, and abilities should not be limited to a few privileged people. E.SUN's subsidiary in China visited elementary schools in remote areas of Inner Mongolia, and E.SUN personnel with financial expertise served as lecturers in courses on anti-money laundering, anti-fraud, and correct concepts of saving for 3-6 graders. The courses aim to prevent leakage or theft of personal data, in order to protect their rights from infringement. The courses also help children gain the right financial values and perspective of consumption, helping children get into the habit of saving money. E.SUN sincerely hopes to instill the right concepts of saving and spending, loans and credit, and risk management and investment in children through basic financial education, and help children realize the blueprint for their dreams in life.

Friendly international relationships need to be based on mutual understanding and trust. E.SUN will continue to combine its financial expertise with education to cultivate talent for society, in hopes that these students will become a bridge for good relations between Taiwan and international society. We will build partnerships to contribute to international society and jointly move forward on the path to sustainable development.

(Upper figure) E.SUN set up the E.SUN ASEAN Talent Scholarship in 2018 to encourage outstanding students from Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam to study in graduate school in Taiwan.

(Upper figure) International students from allied or friendly countries experience banking practices at the NTU branch while they are interns of E.SUN.

■ Love Without Borders, Donations to Epidemic Prevention Funds and Donations of Medical Supplies to Other Countries

COVID-19 impacted the global environment, but Taiwan was able to control the epidemic situation with its medical expertise and citizens' cooperation. In contrast, the pandemic rages on in other parts of the world, and has been especially dire in countries with scarce healthcare resources, poor health environment, and wide wealth gap, such as India and Vietnam. Based on the spirit of humanitarian aid and global citizenship, E.SUN Bank and Taiwan Dental Association jointly donated US$100,000 to India's medical association to provide medical devices and supplies (including oxygen, medication, and vaccines), and also provide financial aid to health workers. Vietnam also faces a shortage of healthcare resources, and E.SUN Bank and MacKay Memorial Hospital jointly donated 1,000 masks, 1,000 face shields, and 1,000 protective clothing, providing local medical institutions with the aid they need the most.

■ Utilizing the Power of Six Associations to Raise Funds for the Kaohsiung Cheng Chung Cheng Building Fire Accident, and Provide Victims with Medical Assistance

E.SUN and six national federations have worked together for years in social care and charity events. After the fire accident at Kaohsiung's Cheng Chung Cheng Building, E.SUN and Taiwan Medical Association, Taiwan Dental Association, National Union of Chinese Medical Doctors' Association, National Architect Association, National Federation of CPA Associations, and Taiwan Bar Association jointly organized a donation event for the fire accident. Bank employees and association members voluntarily donated their income for a day or made a one-time donation to the public assistance account of the Social Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government. The donations were used to provide victims with healthcare subsidies, consolation money, and help find accommodations for them, in hopes of allowing victims to return to normal life within the shortest time possible. Psychological recovery and rebuilding their homes is a long path that requires professional assistance and care, so the six associations also utilized the power of healthcare and professional consulting to help patients and family members with subsequent treatment, life, and social reconstruction.

■ Delivering Love to Rural Areas, Installing Dental Chairs, and Providing Home-based Services

There are 81 townships around Taiwan that do not have a dentist, making it hard for residents to seek treatment. According to statistics of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan's DMFT of 2.5 is higher than the goal of 2 set by the WHO, and the issue is even more severe among children in rural areas. Dentists voluntarily providing services at schools in rural areas will greatly improve the issue of decayed teeth among children. To provide residents of rural areas with equal access to healthcare, E.SUN Bank and Taiwan Dental Association jointly implemented the project "E.SUN Sends Love, Health Workers Provide Protection" and will install 23 dental chairs in elementary schools in rural areas of Hualien County, Taitung County, and Kaohsiung City, increasing mobile healthcare capacity and caring for the oral health of students in rural areas.

■ Established the E.SUN Nursing Talent Scholarship to train nursing personnel

With the advent of an aged society, society's demand for medical and elder care is increasing, and the epidemic prevention process moreover requires the concerted efforts of medical staff. In response, E.SUN has joined hands with academic institutions to cultivate more nursing talents needed by society and enhance the energy of Taiwan's social health care by supporting indicator nursing schools to promote assistance programs for economically straitened and disadvantaged students. The bank also set up the "E.SUN Nursing Talent Scholarship" to encourage students in the field of nursing to devote themselves to their studies, and after graduation, pursue careers in clinical nursing, thereby becoming nursing professionals with expertise and passion for service.

Item Content Achievement
E.SUN Outstanding Talent Scholarship To cultivate a key taskforce for the country's future, E.SUN has successively established the E.SUN Outstanding Talent Scholarship and E.SUN ASEAN Scholarship since 2005. Furthermore, in response to the advent of an aged society, the demand for medical and elder care is gradually increasing; therefore, the bank also set up the E.SUN Nursing Talent Scholarship in 2020 to nurture taskforces key to Taiwan's future through practical actions. In 2021, a total of 36 students from different fields were awarded with scholarships, including 21 outstanding talents, 7 ASEAN talents and 8 nursing talents. As of 2021, a total of 208 students have been awarded.
E.SUN Sends Love, Health Workers Provide Protection / Donating dental chairs to rural areas In 2021, E.SUN Bank and Taiwan Dental Association jointly implemented the project "E.SUN Sends Love, Health Workers Provide Protection" and installed 23 dental chairs in elementary schools in rural areas, in order to increase mobile healthcare capacity and care for the oral health of students in rural areas.
  • We continued to implement the Home-based Dental Service Project, in which a total of 142 dentists joined and served 696 patients a total of 2,058 times.
  • To increase the oral care capacity of rural areas, we installed 23 dental chairs in elementary schools in rural areas of Hualien County, Taitung County, and Kaohsiung City in 2021 to provide services to children and local residents. We also encourage young dentists to contribute their medical expertise by providing services in rural areas.
E.SUN Caring Children Program Through the program, E.SUN has been providing assistance to children who come from economically disadvantaged family or encounter family emergency. The program enables children to concentrate on schoolwork and at the same time alleviates their family's financial burden. Each elementary school student is subsidized with NT$2,000 per semester to pay for their tuition and miscellaneous fees, textbooks, extracurricular activities, after- school counseling, or other expenses. NT$73.69 million in total has been donated to the Caring Children Program over the past three years, helping 36,846 underprivileged children.
E.SUN Maravi Rice E.SUN has been supporting organic agricultural development for 8 consecutive years since 2014, encouraging local farmers in Maravi to adopt organic agriculture and protect biodiversity. E.SUN acquired 300,000 kg of Maravi Rice in total, and shared them not only to employees and VIP customers, but also in employee restaurants.
"One simple act of love can inspire others to love" – Blood Donation Event To alleviate blood shortage and help those in need, E.SUN Bank and E.SUN Volunteer Foundation have held blood donation activities for 22 consecutive years during winter and summer vacations, when seasonal blood shortages occur. In 2021, E.SUN collaborated with the 6 chartered specialist associations and FamilyMart convenience store in organizing blood donations that attracted a total of 4,715 donors and volunteers to respond, and collected 7,070 bags of blood.