Operating Environment

E.SUN Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation White Paper was announced in 2007, we promoted environmental education, established a culture of environmental protection and energy conservation, and implemented environmental protection and energy conservation measures, taking steps towards sustainable operating environment. Disasters caused by climate change are devastating the world in recent years, controlling the rising temperatures have now become an important international issue. To achieve the 2050 target of net-zero bank, E.SUN is diligently creating a sustainable operating environment by establishing carbon, water usage, and waste reduction targets, performing annual third-party verification to check compliance, conducting regular reviews and delivering regular reports to the executives.

■ Carbon reduction


2021 Outcome 2022 Target 2025 Target
Reduce carbon emissions per unit revenue by 26% (Reach the original 2025 target ahead of time) Reduce total amount of carbon emissions by 8.4% Reduce total amount of carbon emissions by 21%
The ratio of renewable energy use is 10% The ratio of renewable energy use is 20% The ratio of renewable energy use is 50%
Note: In 2016, carbon emissions per unit revenue was 0.5636 metric tons / NT$ million, and this is used as the baseline.
  • Renewable energy
    • Solar panels were installed at 20 locations, with a total installed capacity of 164.31 kW, and an annual power generation capacity of about 223,000 kWh, which is equivalent to a reduction of 111.7 tons of carbon emissions.
    • After purchasing renewable energy certificates for 5 consecutive years, 259 T-RECs and 1975 I-RECs were acquired, totaling 2,234 certificates, which is equivalent to 2,234,000 kWh of green electricity and a carbon emissions reduction of 1137.1 tons.
  • Air conditioning energy savings
    • Replaced and improved the old air conditioning units
    • Circulating fans are installed and regularly maintained.
    • The energy savings of air-conditioning in 2021 totaled 52,306 kWh of electricity annually, which is equivalent to the reduction of 26.3 tons of carbon emissions.
  • Lighting energy savings
    • Replaced old energy-consuming lighting equipment with LED energy-saving bulbs and installed sensor lighting equipment 111.7 Carbon emissions reduced by using renewable energy
    • The effect of replacing lighting equipment in 2021 will save about 98,034 kWh of electricity annually, which is equivalent to a reduction of 49.9 tons of carbon emissions.
    • In the summer, when electricity consumption is at its peak, signage lighting is turned off for 100 days for five consecutive years. We increase to 130 days in 2021. This has resulted in a total of 366,915 kWh of electricity saved, which is equivalent to a reduction of 171.5 tons of carbon emissions.
  • Green building
    • Received 6 LEED gold-level international certifications, namely for the server rooms of the Hope and Technology buildings, the SUN HR Development Center, the second HQ and Dali Branch.
    • There are a total of 4 EEWH Gold Grade Green Architecture Certified Buildings (Hope Building, HQ2 and Rende Branch), and 8 branches with green building labels (Chiayi, Daya, Yuanlin, Toufen, Changhua, Annan, East Tainan and Shalu Branches).
  • Management and certification
    • Introduced ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems to analyze key factors influencing E.SUN's energy consumption and establish performance indicators, action plans, and goals related to energy consumption.
    • Introduced ISO14064 Greenhouse Gas Inventory to verify the main greenhouse gas emission sources through a third party, and review the emissions of Scope 1, 2, and 3 every year, continue to expand the scope, and review the achievement of the reduction targets.