Business Continuity Plan

In order to provide customers with stable and trustworthy financial services and to ensure business continuity without interruption, E.SUN has established various business continuity management plans to respond to situations such as capital management, IT system faults, natural disasters or urgent man-made incidents, and thereby mitigate the impact of the disasters and ensure fast recovery of the key financial services to protect customers' interests.

■ Business Continuity Plan

E.SUN has established a Business Continuity Plan and conducts periodical business impact analyses and drills to assure adequate responses to disaster and to ensure the minimization of impact on business when the IT services encounter sudden disasters and the fast recovery of key services.

■ IT System Interruptions

In 2020, the availability rate of our core accounting systems reached 99.99%. In 2020, there was one anomaly that affected the services of the core accounting system for approximately 12 minutes. The incident occurred during system adjustment and system recovery was immediately conducted. Correction and prevention measures were suggested afterwards. E.SUN Bank aims to provide a continuous online service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In 2021, it will continue to optimize system's capacity, providing customers with a convenient service.
  • 2020
    • IT Infrastructure abnormal incidents in 2020: 1
    • The financial loss caused by such incidents in 2020: TWD 0

■ Customer Service Quality

To continue to provide the customers with the best service, all business units have categorized the scenarios that can cause business interruptions and have formulated relevant plans and handling measures to respond to the possible impact on service.
Category Business Continuity Plan
Human resources management mechanism In order to prevent service quality problems caused by lack of manpower in branches, interbank human resources adjustments can be made to maintain branch service standard and to provide customers with the best service experience.
Branch safety protection drill Regarding common special circumstances that may affect branch operation, such as natural disasters (earthquakes, typhoons, power outages and fires), illegal behaviors (such as robberies, frauds, threats and suspicious figures) and other factors of force majeure, prevention measures and drills are formulated and simulation drills are conducted quarterly.

■ Emergency Fund Allocation Plan

The "Emergency Fund Allocation Plan" was formulated as guidance in crisis situations where E.SUN faces insufficient fund liquidity or inability to obtain funds with reasonable costs to ensure that funds can be allocated within the planned time frame when liquidity crisis occurs, in order to maintain service operations and protect customers' interests.