Social Participation

In 2020, the COVID-19 brought about immeasurable impact on the global environment, and has exerted profound influence on people's lives and the market economy. In addition to continuously perfecting preparatory work for responding to various unpredictable situations in the future, E.SUN protects customers' assets and provides bailout loans to companies and individuals while also actively supporting epidemic prevention and medical care with practical actions, thus exerting the bank's positive influence.

■ Donated epidemic prevention funds and materials to pay tribute to frontline epidemic prevention and medical staff

In order to express their gratitude to the epidemic prevention staff and support, E.SUN employees initiated a donation activity entitled "Salute to Physicians, Nurses, and Frontline Epidemic Prevention Workers", which was enthusiastically responded by many employees by donating their daily earnings. They and the E.SUN Volunteer & Social Welfare Foundation jointly donated a total of NT$15 million to the account of Ministry of Health and Welfare Taiwan Centers for Disease Control to express their care and aid the work of epidemic prevention personnels. During the epidemic prevention period, E.SUN extended gratitude to the hard-working doctors and nurses on the front line for their courage in taking responsibility and staying at their posts to protect the health of the public. E.SUN volunteers also donated supplies and thank you cards to medical institutions, hoping to cheer up the medical staff and replenish their energy.

■ Established the E.SUN Nursing Talent Scholarship to train nursing personnel

With the advent of an aged society, society's demand for medical and elder care is increasing, and the epidemic prevention process moreover requires the concerted efforts of medical staff. In response, E.SUN has joined hands with academic institutions to cultivate more nursing talents needed by society and enhance the energy of Taiwan's social health care by supporting indicator nursing schools to promote assistance programs for economically straitened and disadvantaged students. The bank also set up the "E.SUN Nursing Talent Scholarship" to encourage students in the field of nursing to devote themselves to their studies, and after graduation, pursue careers in clinical nursing, thereby becoming nursing professionals with expertise and passion for service.

Item Content Achievement
E.SUN Outstanding Talent Scholarship To cultivate a key taskforce for the country's future, E.SUN has successively established the E.SUN Outstanding Talent Scholarship and E.SUN ASEAN Scholarship since 2005. Furthermore, in response to the advent of an aged society, the demand for medical and elder care is gradually increasing; therefore, the bank also set up the E.SUN Nursing Talent Scholarship in 2020 to nurture taskforces key to Taiwan's future through practical actions. In 2020, a total of 36 students from different fields were awarded with scholarships, including 19 outstanding talents, 8 ASEAN talents and 9 nursing talents. As of 2020, a total of 172 students have been awarded.
Sending love to Lanyu Taiwan Dental Association and E.SUN Bank jointly launched the Home Dentist Service Project, so that individuals who are seriously ill or physically challenged could enjoy access to dental care and smile again. Due to the lack of medical resources in remote villages on outlying islands, in June 2020, Taiwan Dental Association and E.SUN Bank volunteers formed a medical team to Lanyu to offer free consultations and home dental care, so that residents of remote outlying islands enjoy access to better dental care and are able to establish accurate dental care knowledge and habits.
E.SUN Caring Children Program Through the program, E.SUN has been providing assistance to children who come from economically disadvantaged family or encounter family emergency. The program enables children to concentrate on schoolwork and at the same time alleviates their family's financial burden. Each elementary school student is subsidized with NT$2,000 per semester to pay for their tuition and miscellaneous fees, textbooks, extracurricular activities, after-school counseling, or other expenses. NT$75.39 million in total has been donated to the Caring Children Program over the past three years, helping 37,697 underprivileged children.
E.SUN Maravi Rice E.SUN has been supporting organic agricultural development for 7 consecutive years since 2014, encouraging local farmers in Maravi to adopt organic agriculture and protect biodiversity. E.SUN acquired 260,000 kg of Maravi Rice in total, and shared them not only to employees and VIP customers, but also in employee restaurants.
"One simple act of love can inspire others to love."--Blood Donation Event To alleviate blood shortage and help those in need, E.SUN Bank and E.SUN Volunteer Foundation have held blood donation activities for 21 consecutive years during winter and summer vacations, when seasonal blood shortages occur. In 2020, E.SUN collaborated with the 6 chartered specialist associations and FamilyMart convenience store in organizing blood donations that attracted a total of 4,750 donors and volunteers to respond, and collected 6,980 bags of blood.