Fitness Development

■ Sports empowerment and continuous training of senior league baseball players, increasing Taiwan's international visibility

Baseball is Taiwan's national sport, and many Taiwanese still have vivid memories of various international competitions in which the national team excelled. As senior league is an important period of baseball development, E.SUN has taken the promotion of Taiwan's baseball strength as its own corporate responsibility and invested resources in the promotion and improvement of senior league infrastructure, so that baseball can be further promoted to every corner of Taiwan.
E.SUN believes that training must be systematically improved and rooted, and has therefore set up a dedicated E.SUN Senior League Development Fund Account. Utilizing the business model for credit card business development, E.SUN has been promoting the development of senior league for 14 consecutive years; we started with the sponsorship for basic sports equipment and protective gear, and extended to that for the promotion of players' skills and correct protection knowledge. Every year, E.SUN mobilizes fans to tune in to games or enter the stadium through diversified approaches, attracting more than 100,000 fans to take part in the games in person. Through the E.SUN CUP National AAA Baseball Tournament, the hall of honor in senior league baseball, senior league players are given the opportunity to showcase their achievements and create precious memories of their youth, thus enabling the E.SUN Cup to become the point of departure for the dreams of Taiwan's national baseball team!

E.SUN CUP National AAA Baseball Tournament

  • Highest-level competition for selecting members of the senior baseball national team
  • 14 annual tournaments held to date with nearly 8,500 participating players
  • 2007 U-18 Asian Baseball Championship - Champion
  • 2010 IBAF U-18 Baseball World Cup - Champion
  • 2019 U-18 Baseball World Cup - Champion

Senior League Baseball Camp

  • Coach camp, pitching and catching camp, hitting camp, pitching camp
  • Introduces the latest, advanced concepts from MLB and NPB to benefit the growth of both senior league coaches and players
  • Wang Po-jung of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and Hong-Chih Kuo, former player of Taiwan's national team, have in recent years been specially invited to coach in person
  • Nearly 700 persons have directly benefited cumulatively

Senior League Protection Camp

  • Establishes the concept of sports injury protection and prolongs the sports careers of players
  • More than 3,000 persons have participated cumulativelys

Remote Caring Program Series

  • Provides baseball players in rural areas with new equipment and protective gear, allowing them to focus solely on improving skills.
  • Donations have been made to nearly 30 resource-poor teams cumulatively