Academic Education

■ Improving the English proficiency of students in rural areas

Under the current wave of globalization and internationalization, bilingual education has become one of the nation's important policies. E.SUN, supportive of the education for rural children, has heard from many principals and teachers that the English proficiency of schoolchildren is exhibiting an M-shaped distribution, especially in rural areas. The main reasons are the long-term shortage of English teachers in rural areas and the inability of rural families to pay for cram schools. School children, once fall behind or have negative experiences with learning English, may carry a negative attitude towards English; furthermore, it could be difficult to carry out proficiency level-based grouping or remedial teaching due to lack of teachers.

To improve the English proficiency of rural children, E.SUN and Cave Books jointly launched the English Hand in Hand Project in 2019 to recruit English teachers to rural primary schools in Hsinchu County, Yunlin County, Chiayi Country, and Tainan City. In addition to providing free English textbooks, the project also offers after-school English tutoring sessions, where children can start from pronunciation and learn vocabularies, sentence structures, and simple conversations through playing games. In so doing, we hope to spark the children's interest in English and help them to build a solid foundation for further English learning.

By the end of 2020, 61 classes have been organized under the English Hand in Hand Project in total, benefiting 1,050 students. In addition to giving children from rural areas the opportunity to learn English, the project has also nurtured 50 English teachers through teacher training camps, which not only enables these instructors to improve their teaching skills, but also helps them to better understand and identify with the purpose of the project. This in turn enables the spread of passion and enthusiasm for teaching and helping rural children to improve English proficiency.

Item Content Achievement
English Hand in Hand Project Since the launch of the project in 2019, English teachers have been invited to provide after-school English tutoring at rural primary schools and work together to create a better English learning environment. A total of 61 classes have been organized, 50 English teachers have been trained, and 1,050 students have participated in the courses.
E.SUN Golden Seed Project Since 2007, E.SUN, combining the force of our company, employees, and customers, has been allocating part of the annual fee for E.SUN World Card holders and 0.3% of their domestic card spending to build E.SUN Libraries in rural areas or areas with scare resources, thus continuing to sow the seeds of knowledge. As of 2020, we have built 158 E.SUN Libraries and donated 370,000 books, which have benefited more than 100,000 students.
E.SUN Academic Award To encourage top academic research and ensure domestic research in the field of management is more closely aligned with international standards, the bank established the E.SUN Academic Award in 2010 and confers awards on professors affiliated with schools of management who publish papers in the top 3 international journals in different fields. In 2020, 6 new winners were added, and the total number of awardees reached 39.
E-Book Collection Workshop To integrate digital reading teaching and cultivate children's online learning ability, E.SUN is promoting the E-Book Collection Workshop project, through which it conducts digital reading promotion seminars and trains seed instructors. At the same time, in response to changes in the technological environment, the Online Digital Reading Topic Inquiry Competition was held in 2020 to provide students with opportunities to display their research results and engage in inter-school exchange. E.SUN purchased 240 tablet computers for schools to borrow. A total of 366 teams and 1,323 students from schools around Taiwan participated in the Online Digital Reading Topic Inquiry Competition.
Climbing the Stories Mountain Reading Promotion Project To train more reading promotion volunteers with a passion for telling stories, E.SUN published a total of 6 picture books of original Taiwanese stories and organized activities such as Storytelling Volunteer Training Courses, Story Suitcase Workshops and Storytelling Reading Promotion Services. In 2020, a total of 6 storytelling volunteer training courses and workshops were held, and about 220 people participated in the training.
Picture Book Workshop To encourage students to create picture books and enable picture book education to become deeply rooted, E.SUN supports the National Library of Public Information's "Picture Book Database", which collects picture books created by students, and organizes workshops of creating picture books for teachers to exchange ideas with each other. In 2020, 70 types of original picture books were newly included, and 110 teachers participated in the workshops of creating picture books.
E.SUN Artificial Intelligence Open Challenge E.SUN has been holding the Artificial Intelligence Open Challenge since 2019, providing de-identified data for participating teams to try a variety of different algorithm construction models. This year, anti-money laundering was the competition topic to enhance the practical application of artificial intelligence in Taiwan's industries through data-enabled problem-solving. A total of 4 artificial intelligence open challenges have been held to date with topics including anti-money laundering, and the events have attracted the participation of 4,226 teams from home and abroad.