Arts and Humanities

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to practice social distancing, but it also highlights the characteristics and value of close contact and emotional communication between people. Art is open to everyone, and we hope that every citizen can see and feel the wonders of artistic creations. We are especially grateful to workers in various realms of art and performing troupes as well as the schools and groups invited to participate in the activities for their company and support, because their commitment has enabled us to move forward hand in hand with greater confidence and enjoy the fascinating world of arts and humanities together.

Relaxed Performance

Approx. 2,705 persons

E.SUN collaborated with the National Theater and Concert Hall in sponsoring 5 relaxed performances, including Classical vs. Jazz, Fall in Love with Beethoven, and The Adventure of Spiders- -Fly, Fly, Fly by Dance Forum Taipei, Now You Know What the National Concert Hall is All About, and be FUN and young with A Cappella with the Semiscon Vocal Band. Audiences invited to the performances included seniors, students from rural areas, and individuals with different physical needs and conditions. A total of 300 children from schools participating in E.SUN Libraries were also invited to take part in two of the sessions.

Theater Art Experience Education Project

Approx. 1,400 persons

E.SUN joins hands with the Weiwuying National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts to offer micro courses and drama reading courses, allowing students to perform onstage. Through different experimental forms of theater education and promotion, different generations and members of the society have the opportunity to interact more closely with the performing arts. In 2020, the courses were offered in spring and autumn, and the organizers also printed youth versions of performance programs to help students acquire a more comprehensive understanding of the theater.

Let's Go to the Theater

Approx. 600 persons

The theme of this 2020 collaboration between E.SUN and the National Taichung Theater was "dance". A total of 20 elementary schools were invited to the opera house to enjoy the interpretive teaching performances of Dance Forum Taipei, an iconic, innovative dance troupe within Taiwan's field of contemporary dance. They also provided body movement courses and a tour of the Opera House architecture to stimulate the students' aesthetic creativity.

Play ARTs Children's Workshop

Approx. 500 persons

Referencing from Tainan Art Museum's rich experience in promoting children's aesthetic education, E.SUN took the initiative to extend the scope of children's artistic learning to off-campus venues to spark their interest in the arts. In 2020, a total of 500 students from 6 schools with E.SUN Libraries were invited to participate. The theme of each visit comprised of the art gallery's current exhibitions and DIY creative activities, where E.SUN volunteers would accompany and help guide the children, enabling them to experience the artists' creative process and inspiring their profound fondness for the land on which they live.

Van Gogh Alive - the experience

Approx. 270,000 persons

E.SUN, as an avid benefactor of the arts and literature, sponsored the debut of the new exhibition "Van Gogh Alive - the experience" in Taiwan with exhibitions successively taking place at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department stores in Taipei and Kaohsiung from January to July 2020. The content of the exhibition is based on the concept of subverting traditional viewing methods, using multi-screen projection technology to display more than 3,000 paintings and letters of Van Gogh, which was accompanied with symphonies and sound effects, offering viewers a new way of interacting with the arts.

The Phantom of the Opera

Approx. 130,000 persons

E.SUN upholds the concept of truth, goodness and beauty in promoting cultural and artistic exchanges between the East and the West. In 2020, the bank sponsored 22 performances of The Phantom of the Opera, a world-renowned classic Broadway musical, at the Taipei Arena, marking the 4th time the musical is available to audiences in Taiwan after a lapse of 6 years. With the centuries-old Paris Opera as the background and combining real events reported in the news, the writers of the musical created a distinctively unique and legendary fictional character, the Phantom. Through the moving music that resonates with the turnings of the plot by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the dramatic tension of plausibility entangled with illusion is perfectly presented, while the elegant and moving dance is another one of the key elements of this successful musical.

Disney in Concert: The Lion King

Approx. 20,000 persons

E.SUN has long supported high-quality art and cultural activities. The famous Disney film The Lion King was performed in Taiwan for the first time in the form of film screenings accompanied by live orchestra performance, and there were 7 performances in 2020. They projected the real-actor version of the movie on the big screen in the concert hall, with Evergreen Symphony Orchestra, a chorus, and famous singers from home and abroad performing the soundtrack alongside the screening.

Taiwanese Composer Series

Approx. 16,000 persons

E.SUN sponsors the Taiwan Composer Series project, a collaboration between Weiwuying and the Taiwan Music Institute of the National Center for Traditional Arts, hoping to present the Taiwanese musical history through connecting the north and south venues and promoting the works of Taiwanese composers through exhibitions and performances. This project enabled more people to understand the history and background of Taiwanese music and contributed to cultivating local culture for driving the development of Taiwanese music in the future. The first year of the project featured Tyzen Hsiao and Chu-Shui Chen, two renowned maestros with special connections to Kaohsiung. Through the development of this project, E.SUN seeks to bring the power of art and literature back to Kaohsiung with the concerted efforts of Weiwuying and others supporters of the initiative.