Fair Customer Treatment

To respond to the international trend of protecting the rights of financial consumers and the "Principles for Financial Service Industries to Treat Customers Fairly" by Financial Supervisory Commission, E.SUN has ensured our employees' compliance and awareness of related regulations. We continue to build a culture of treating customers fairly and, centering around customer experience, ensure service quality, the protection of customer rights, and improve customer engagement. In addition to helping customers to understand the content of our financial products and services, we also make sure to disclose necessary information to customers and care for them through diverse channels to continue improving customer experience.

■ Bank-wide implementation of the Principles of Treating Customers Fairly

To promote a corporate culture centered on fair customer treatment, the bank formulated the E.SUN Bank Fair Customer Treatment Policy and Strategy and E.SUN Securities Fair Customer Treatment Policy and Strategy in accordance with the "Principle for Financial Service Industries to Treat Clients Fairly," adopting the principles of fairness, equality, and reciprocity to protect the interests and rights of customers. The bank also set up a dedicated team to promote the principle of fair customer treatment, thus reinforcing the operation of the three lines of defense.

While the overall number of customer complaints in 2020 has increased due to bailout cases, E.SUN has actively responded to and handled such cases, and formulated plans for related response measures for different types of customer complaints, such as: Financial consultant incident response, bailout loan deferred payment, customer complaint handling mechanisms, and announcement of customer rights and interests, thus strengthening customer rights and implementing treating customers fairly.

E.SUN is committed to protecting customer assets, pioneering an intelligent anti-fraud platform, and establishing a two-way inspection mechanism for outward and inward remittance. If the system finds a suspected fraud, a warning will immediately pop up to prompt inspection and remind customers to confirm, constituting a mechanism that has been recognized and awarded by external parties. In 2020, E.SUN successfully blocked 319 cases of fraud, which amounted to NT$53,541,746 (including foreign currencies), effectively preventing customers from being deceived and together maintaining social and financial order.

■ Building a customer-centric experience

E.SUN attaches great importance to customer experience and is committed to listening to and understanding customers' voices. In so doing, we hope to form actionable plans to make E.SUN better, thus forming a virtuous circle of continuously improving service quality. Since 2016, E.SUN has been conducting customer satisfaction surveys for services such as account opening, loans, at the counter transactions, mobile banking, and smart customer service. The results of the survey are included in the key performance evaluation items of each business unit, and is also scheduled to be included in the evaluation of the business divisions of the head office to strengthen the bank's attention to customer experience. To design services that are more in line with customer experience, E.SUN formulated a "Customer Experience Proposal Form" in 2020. Through a complete customer service system and the task team in various business units that have been established, the bank seeks to efficiently improve and enhance customer experience with real-time, interactive communication.

■ Overview of Customer Satisfaction Implementation


  • E.SUN's active customers is defined as customers who performed one or more financial transactions with the bank in the most recent 6 months or who has more than 250 EUR (NT$8,741) in the balance of their accounts
  • Coverage rate = Number of questionnaires distributed / Number of active customers
  • Overall customer satisfaction rate* = (Physical channel customer satisfaction rate*Percentage of services volume + Digital channel customer satisfaction rate*Percentage of services volume) - Active customer attrition rate - Customer complaint rate

(1) Heartwarming customer services

By expanding the system of customer service officers, service model employees and lobby receptionists, E.SUN continues to provide customers with considerate, timely and precisely tailored services. In order to enhance its service DNA, E.SUN has continuously improved its service quality management practices, and strives to become the bank that customers most prefer.

(2) Customer Service Management System