Ecological Conservation

E.SUN supports global conventions on biological diversity. To promote sustainable ecological development and fulfill the United Nation's sustainable development goals (SDG 13 Climate Action, SDG 14 Life Below Water, and SDG 15 Life on Land), E.SUN's sustainable ecological development strategy comprises three focuses: species conservation, habitat conservation, and environmental sustainability. E.SUN believes that actions must start from home, and takes the initiative to respond to environmental sustainability initiatives worldwide and nationwide. We exert our corporate influence to call upon employees, customers and suppliers to implement environmental protection through actions for a beautiful Taiwan and a sustainable Earth.

■ 2020 Main Achievements

Species Conservation

  • The Sea Turtle Conservation Project - more than 1,200 people responded to the project together, releasing 6 sea turtles into the wild.
  • Issue Formosan Bear Conservation Card 8 years in a row and donate 8 million as animal conservation fund.
  • Cooperate with Yangmingshan National Park to promote butterfly conservation for 8 years in a row

Habitat Conservation

  • "Plant a tree, Plant a life" E.SUN plant trees project and nurturing of 10,050 Taiwanese indigenous saplings.
  • Hold Smile E.SUN environmental and coastal cleanups 11 years in a row with 4,179 participants in 2020
  • Adopted trails in Yushan National Park for 12 consecutive years.

Environmenta Sustainability

  • Earth Hour - E.SUN was the only assisting organizer in Taiwan.
  • Encouraging customers to lead a green, low-carbon lifestyle - Approximately 210,000 YouBike rides per month by E.SUN ̇EasyCard holders.
  • Encouraged employees to cherish and reuse resources - collected 6,954 new and secondhand items.
  • education.Educated employees on low-carbon diet - 75.67 tons of CO2e reduced.

■ The Sea Turtle Conservation Project

E.SUN FHC, committed to preserving the nature and ecology of Taiwan, has collaborated with National Museum of Maine Biology and Aquarium in holding Taiwan Marine Environment Protection - The Sea Turtle Conservation Project for 2 consecutive years. In 2020, the Project included 4 series: Let's Go Marine Conservation, Sea Turtle Medical Station, Marine Guards Off-Campus Teaching Activities, and Cape Secret Ecological Tour. This Project has attracted more than 1,200 participants, and they have helped to release 6 sea turtles that had recovered from injury after receiving proper care back to the ocean. Through such a project, we hope to raise the public's awareness of marine ecology protection and facilitate ocean sustainability.

Sea Turtle Conservation and Education Plan

E.SUN FHC collaborated with National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium to launch Sea Turtle Conservation and Education Plan. We invite the public to join the action of conserving marine ecosystems so that sea turtles could once again enjoy the beautiful ocean!

The Sea Turtle Conservation Project Series 1: Let's Go Marine Conservation – Releasing the Sea Turtles

We invited the public to step into the shelter of National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium. The participants of one of the sessions were teachers and students from Daming Elementary School in Pingtung County, which participated in E.SUN Golden Seed Project. They were able to closely observe how sea turtles were taken care of in a man-made shelter and learn how to rescue a stranded or injured sea turtle through courses given by a veterinarian from the Museum. After that, they got to experience releasing sea turtles from hands-on activities. We held 2 sessions in 2020.

The Sea Turtle Conservation Project Series 2: Sea Turtle Medical Station

In 2020, we established the Sea Turtle Medical Station, where we paid for medical devices/treatment and food so that injured sea turtles could receive great care. 10 sea turtles in total were treated.

The Sea Turtle Conservation Project Series 3: Off-Campus Teaching Activities - Why Do You Feed on Plastic, Sea Turtle?

With sea turtles being the topic, we invited Daliao Elementary School and Guopi Elementary School from Kaohsiung, and National Nanke International Experimental High School from Tainan to participate in off-campus teaching activities. Through diverse courses on marine environmental education, the students grew more interested in learning about marine creatures and became more appreciative of marine resources and ecology. W held ten such sessions in 2020.

The Sea Turtle Conservation Project Series 4: Cape Secret Ecological Tour - A Date with Sea Turtles

The contents of the activity encompass a sea turtle parent-child interactive course with participants visiting the sea turtle shelter center for guided tours. The tours enable the general public to better understand the current status of the marine environment. 5 sessions were held in 2020.

A - Hi, the Sea Turtle Conservation Mascot

For sea turtle conservation issues to gain more public attention, we designed A - Hi, the sea turtle conservation mascot, and worked with the NMMBA in printing sea turtle desk pads and folders, which incorporate common life habits and illustrations of sea turtles in Taiwan, to advocate the importance of marine conservation to customers and the general public.

■ Taiwan Formosan Bear conservation

The Formosan black bear is Taiwan's sole native bear species. The survival of the black bear not only implies the preservation of this species in Taiwan, but also implies protecting the integrity of Taiwan's forest ecosystems and overall biodiversity. Since 2012, E.SUN FHC has been working with Taiwan black bear conservation and restoration units, including the Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute, COA, Yushan National Park Administration, Taipei Zoo, and the Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association to promote a series of black bear conservation activities.

Issuance of Taiwan's first credit card combining conservation and environmental concept—the "Black Bear Affinity Card."

E.SUN Bank cooperates with Taipei Zoo to issue Taiwan's CSR credit card, combining conservation and environmental concepts—the "Black Bear Affinity Card." Whenever a transaction is made using this card, 0.2% goes to an animal conservation fund. This fund has made NT$8 million donation to Taipei Zoo, and was used for black bear conservation, habitat protection, restoration of Taiwan's native species, and environmental education program. Customers who use purchases made with the "Black Bear Affinity Card" to contribute to Taipei Zoo, Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association, Animal Protection Association of the ROC, and Taiwan Environmental Information Association will also receive triple bonus points.

Taipei Zoo "Zoolloween" Festival

E.SUN has been supporting the Taipei Zoo's "Zoolloween" festival for 8 consecutive years since 2013. Through the diverse and interesting "Looking for Zoo Treasures" activity, visitors can learn about different types of baby animals and the importance of energy saving and carbon reduction for species conservation, thus protecting Formosan black bears and other species from the danger of extinction.

Zookeeper experience camp

For 3 consecutive years since 2018, the bank sponsored the "Little Zookeepers Scavenger Hunt" at the Taipei Zoo. Through answering questions related to black bear conservation, students learned correct knowledge of black bear ecological conservation.

Black bear "Brown Sugar" celebrates birthday

On December 26, 2020, together with Taipei Zoo, E.SUN celebrated the birth of black bear "Brown Sugar," a species of the Temperate Zone Animal Area. Through a fun and heartwarming birthday party and conservation education activities, the public gained greater awareness of the importance of conserving Formosan black bears and other indigenous species.

E.SUN Bear Conservation Promotion

We designed interesting stickers and notebooks, which embedded the behaviour, living habits,and conservation information of Formosan Black Bear. To advocate the importance of Formosan black bear conservation in Taiwan for clients and people. Established an online CSR game, LOHAS BEAR, on our official website to encourage customers and the general public to lead a green lifestyle with E.SUN Bear through everyday activities (e.g., dining, clothing, accommodation, and transportation).

■ Promoting butterfly conservation

E.SUN has jointly promoted butterfly conservation with Yangmingshan National Park for 8 consecutive years. In 2020, the partners planned eco-tourism for different routes and launched "Summer's Dream for Insects - Butterflies of Caoshan," an activity under the "Four Seasons of Yangmingshan" series, integrating butterfly habitat conservation in the national park with environmental education concepts. With the approach of summer butterfly season, members of the public were given the opportunity to understand the ecological environment of Yangmingshan, knowledge of butterfly biology, and the common nectar plants and butterflies of Yangmingshan. In 2020, teachers and students from one of E.SUN's Golden Seed Project schools, Sanzhi Elementary School in New Taipei City, as well as a group for the disadvantaged were specially invited to participate in the "Summer's Dream for Insects - Butterflies of Caoshan" ecological tour. Guided by E.SUN volunteers and narrators, the children were able to observe butterfly ecology, understand Taiwan's precious butterfly species and the importance of habitat conservation.

■ "Plant a tree, Plant a life" E.SUN plant trees project

E.SUN has long been highly concerned with climate change and ocean sustainability issues. In order to slow down global warming, E.SUN has responded to the SDG 13 climate action, SDG 14 Life Below Water, and SDG 15 Life on Land with practical actions, and has been jointly promoting the "Plant a tree, Plant a life" E.SUN plant trees project for two consecutive years in collaboration with the Forestry Bureau. In 2020, the bank adopted state-owned forest land as well as coastal forests with a total area of 6.03 hectares. Over 10,050 saplings of native tree species, including Fraxinus griffithii, Quercus glauca, Machilus thunbergii, Liquidambar formosana, Scaevola taccada, Casuarina equisetifolia, and Cerbera manghas.

In the tree planting month of 2020, Chairman Joseph N.C.Huang of E.SUN Bank called on E.SUN volunteers to plant with their own hand native seedlings in the state-owned forest land in the Beitou and Wenshan Districts of Taipei City. On October 13, President Magi Chen of E.SUN Financial Holdings led E.SUN volunteers to plant windbreak tree seedlings in the coastal woodlands of Shimen District, New Taipei City. The activity is conducted in hopes that, by planting native Taiwanese tree seedlings by hand, all participants are able to better understand the significance of planting native and suitable tree species for the local environment. In addition to enriching local biodiversity, it also contributes to the sustainability of the environment.

■ Adopting Bus Stops to Communicate the Importance of Protecting Nature

We adopted the Hutianqiao Bus Stop near the afforestation site of the "One Tree Per Person. E.SUN Plants Trees" project, decorating it with patterns of green leaves and the unique style of cute Formosan black bears 2 years in a row. These designs represent the circle of life in nature, and showcase E.SUN's commitment to the conservation of Formosan black bears and loving the Earth through planting trees. Most important of all, we hope that visitors with family who check in and take pictures to remember can also, at the same time, perceive the importance of protecting the natural environment through those designs full of childlike fun.

■ "E.SUN Visa Signature", Taiwan's first charitable card with an emphasis on environmental awareness

In 2009, E.SUN Bank introduced the first charitable credit card with an emphasis on environmental awareness, the E.SUN Visa Signature card. The motto is "One Life, One Tree, LOHAS Lifestyle". We continue to invite cardholders to jointly participate in the "One Tree Per Person" project, and give back to this land through tree planting. We encourage Visa card members to apply for electronic bills or mobile bills, and donate 0.2% of each transaction amount of customers who apply for e-bills to tree planting programs. We've planted 30,000 trees under this project.

■ "Beautiful Taiwan, Smiling E.SUN" environmental clean-up activity

The "Beautiful Taiwan, Smile E.SUN" environmental clean-up activity has been held for 11 consecutive years since 2010. The beach cleaning activities in 2020 were planned in response to World Ocean Day and was part of Discovery's "Saving the Ocean" beach cleaning activities held throughout Taiwan on August 15 for one beach each in the northern, central, and southern regions of Taiwan, including Longmen Beach in New Taipei City, Daan Beach of Songbo Fishing Harbor in Taichung City, and the Sunset Platform in Tainan City. A total of more than 300 E.SUN volunteers participated. In response to World Cleanup Day, street cleanings were held 142 times on streets around the bank's business locations from October 5th to 16th, 2020. A total of 3,879 volunteers from E.SUN participated.

■ Adopting trails in Yushan National Park trail

We have adopted and maintained trails in Yushan National Park trail for 12 consecutive years, and use this opportunity to promote conservation and environmental education. We encourage E.SUN employees to participate and work together to protect the environment.

■ Supporting domestic and international advocacy on environmental protection

Responding to the global environmental event, Earth Hour - E.SUN was the only assisting organizer in Taiwan

For eight consecutive years, E.SUN has responded to the Earth Hour environmental conservation activity initiated by The Society of Wilderness (SOW) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and has moreover been the main assisting organizer in Taiwan for two consecutive years starting from 2019. From 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on March 28, E.SUN took part in this activity by turning off power to horizontal and vertical signs at all domestic and overseas branches. Customers, employees and suppliers were also invited to respond by turning off the lights for one hour through ATMs across the nation, the E.SUN official website, the E.SUN Lucky Cats Facebook fan page, and branch posters. The bank also promoted the "turn off the lights on a street" initiative, invited businesses to turn off unnecessary sources of energy consumption, collaborated on the "turn on your night vision goggles" night views activities across Taiwan, and sponsored a series of events including 30 "What! Climate Change is Real" lectures on climate change and energy conservation and the "City Nature Challenge" habitat species survey. It is E.SUN aim to call on the public to take action by caring for the land we live on, reduce energy consumption, and treat the earth in a more environmentally friendly way.

Responding to "International Polar Bear Day" and advocating awareness of climate change

As the first domestic financial institution to respond to "International Polar Bear Day", E.SUN and the National Museum of Natural Science jointly launched the "Polar Bear Environmental Education Lecture." The event originally scheduled to be held in February was postponed to November due to the epidemic. The event is divided into three parts: visiting polar bears, storytelling with picture books, and parent-child game experiences and was held in 2020 for a total of 4 times with more than 130 parents and children participating. Taichung Yongning Elementary School, one of the "E.SUN Golden Seed Project" schools, was especially invited to participate in one of the sessions. With polar bears of global concern as the protagonist, children are guided to understand the causal relationship between global warming and polar bears, so that the concepts of climate change and energy conservation and carbon reduction can take root from an early age. In addition, E.SUN shut down signboard lights and exterior wall lights for a week at business locations at home and abroad for 7 consecutive days on February 24 to implement SDG 13 climate action with specific actions.

Invited customers and employees to celebrate International Car Free Day - Approximately 210,000 YouBike rides per month by E.SUN EasyCard holders!

On International Car Free Day, E.SUN used its website, internal publicity, and Ubike marketing activities to encourage employees to come to work using a low-carbon means of transportation, such as mass transit, cycling, walking, or carpooling, and let employees participate in the various Car Free Day activities held indifferent areas to advocate eco-friendly lifestyles.

Lights Off for Summer Solstice

E.SUN participated in the "Lights Off for Summer Solstice" activity initiated by the The Society of Wilderness. The "Lights Off for 100 Days" activity was held during the peak summer electricity consumption period for 3 consecutive years at a total of 139 branches in Taiwan, and the signs, exterior wall lights and TV walls of branches were turned off throughout the day. Colleagues were also invited to jointly respond and take practical actions to reduce energy consumption.

■ Promoted zero-waste circular economy

Resource Circulation and Charity Sale activity

For 9 years in a row, We have taken the initiative to hold the "Resource Conservation Charity Sales Event", which includes a silent auction for second-hand items and brand new products to help squeeze more out of existing resources. In 2020, over 4,300 volunteers and colleagues who participated in the event donated a total of 6,954 brand new and second-hand items. In addition, all proceeds from the charity events were donated to the "Concern for Schoolchildren Program". In 2020, the charity event raised over NT$8 million, directly help cover the first semester costs of more than 5,000 elementary school students.

13-Book Lovers: Magazine circulation day activity

In order to realize E.SUN's environmental protection spirit, the "13-Book Lovers: Magazine circulation day activity" has been held at the E.SUN Headquarter Building. In order to effectively achieve the goal of resource sharing, we collected the magazines that various departments had subscribed to (or had received as donations), along with employees' own books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs, they were made freely available to employees We totally collected 2,016 items in 2020, and circulated 1,403 items, for a circulation rate of 69.59%.

■ Raise employee's awareness of ecological environment protection

13th of every month is "E.SUN Environment and Energy Saving Eduaction Day"

13th of every month, the environmental volunteers promote knowledge of environmental protection. Some educational material is displayed on e-Learning platform. Besides, 13th is also the cleaning day, when employees would clean the office environment to realize the 4R concept- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Refuse into practice.

■ Educated employees on low-carbon diet

E.SUN Vegetables Day on Mondays

Vegetarian meals are served on Mondays in employee canteen. This not only encourages employees to eat more vegetables and consume less meat but also reduces the production of carbon dioxide by the animal husbandry industry. This effort has been supported by 1.952 employees in E.SUN every week, reducing carbon emissions by roughly 75.67 tons CO2e. (Note: For every person who does not eat meat, 760 g CO2e of carbon emission can be

Food made from local food ingredients

From E.SUN headquarter building to training center and branches to families, our employee canteens purchase food ingredients from local food producers or neighboring areas, on the premise that a healthy balanced diet is maintained. Adequate quantity of seasonal food ingredients is purchased in order to shorten the carbon footprint by reducing food wastes and resource wastes during the transport and refrigeration process. We also show our support for organic farms by providing employees with organic fruit vouchers.